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At Gilded Hollins, we aim to encourage children of all abilities to develop their love and passion for music.  If you take a walk around Gilded Hollins, you will see many aspects of music taking place.  The juniors take part in a choir who perform in a carol concert, perform in our local community at supermarkets and care homes and compete in festivals.  Many of our children are confident to perform solos, duets or in small groups in class assemblies, nativities or whole class productions.  Our children are passionate to learn one or two instruments in individual peripatetic lessons with specialist teachers.  Each year, our children love to showcase their range of musical talents to an audience of parents.


In class sessions, either via Charanga, taught by the class teacher, or via Wider Opportunities, taught by specialist teachers, children appreciate, respect and discuss the dimensions of music through listening and appraising activities.  Children develop their musical skills (finding the pulse, listening and playing back a rhythm, improvisation, internalising etc…) through games based around their topic’s genre/song.  Children’s learning is developed further through composition and performing (through voice, body percussion, percussion instruments, tuned instruments or musical technology).

Music at Gilded Hollins

Music at Gilded Hollins

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