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How accessible is the school environment?


  • Our school is accessible to anyone with physical needs including wheelchair access and three disabled parking bays.
  • A ramp provides access into the main reception area into school to ensure the site is accessible to all.
  • Ramps have been installed to provide direct access to all key stage 2 classrooms from the rear of the building.
  • One toilet has been adapted to ensure accessibility for visitors with a disability.
  • A room has been allocated in order to enable a safe place for insulin testing/injections.
  • A Nurture Room has been developed to improve inclusion for vulnerable pupils.
  • Our Accessibility Plan describes the actions the school has taken to increase access to the environment, the curriculum and to printed information. This is available via the school website.


As a school, we are happy to discuss individual access requirements. Specific health and medical requirements will be discussed on an individual basis. Parents are welcome to enquire or visit at any time to discuss any concerns.