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How does Gilded Hollins support a child with SEND?

Each pupil’s educational programme will be planned by the class teacher. Work is differentiated accordingly to suit a pupil’s individual needs. This may include additional general support by the class teacher or by a teaching assistant in class.


If a child has needs related to more specific areas of their education, such as phonics, reading, spelling or number work, then the pupil may be taught in a small intervention group. This will be run by a teacher or teaching assistant. The length of time of the intervention will vary according to need, but is reviewed each term. These interventions are recorded on a school provision map and are monitored regularly for impact by the SENCO.


Occasionally, a pupil may need more expert help from an outside agency such as Speech and Language Therapy and the Targeted Educational Support Service linked to Wigan Local Authority. A referral will be made, with your consent, and sent to the relevant service. After further assessments, a programme of support may be given to the school and parents / carers.


The staff and governors at Gilded Hollins ensure that the school is as inclusive as possible and treats all children and staff in an equitable manner. They monitor and review statutory policies as defined by the Department for Education. Gilded Hollins has two designated governors for SEND who oversee the work of the SENCO and staff and ensure that the provision set out in the SEND policy is being carried out efficiently. The governor currently with this responsibility is Mrs Allison Waywell.