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Our Curriculum

Curriculum in EYFS at Gilded Hollins

Our Curriculum in Early Years in built upon our knowledge of the children, information from parents,

inspiration from our community all underpinned by the educational programmes set out in the EYFS

Statutory Framework.

Our curriculum is designed so that each programme of study begins with the foundations laid down

in the early years.


Our Curriculum is broad and balanced so that children can reach their full potential by learning new

skills and understanding the world around them. We understand the importance of the prime areas

of learning and aim to unlock potential through providing a nurturing environment where children

can thrive.

In Reception, phonics is taught through the systematic synthetic phonics scheme,  Read, Write Inc.

Maths is taught through the use of the NCETM programme and White Rose maths scheme of work

in line with the rest of the school community.

We intend to equip our children with key life skills that will allow them to progress to the next stage

of education as confidence, resilience and capable learners.


Teaching and Learning

Our learning environment motivates, inspires and provides a safe space for children to think

creatively and critically within their play. The classroom is adapted to suit the cohort of children

within it and has spaces defined that meet the needs of individual children.

Adults play a key role in children’s learning, modelling, explaining and demonstrating to give

children’s high-quality learning experiences based upon communication. Children are taught key

vocabulary explicitly throughout the year and are taught to use these new words purposefully within

their learning.

Each area of learning is planned out carefully to ensure that children are building on their skills over

time. Our children learn best when they are able to voice and extend their own interests within the

continuous provision. Staff are readily available to interact, comment and ask questions to deepen

children’s understanding and allow them to become experts in their own learning.

Children take part in a range of whole class and small group activities,  and interventions are

implemented flexibly to meet the needs of all learners.

Children in Reception are included in whole school events such as World Book Day and singing

assemblies and are visited from a variety of professionals within the community such as artists and authors.

EYFS Long Term Overview






‘All about me’

‘Let’s Celebrate’

‘Earth, Space and Beyond’

‘My Super World’

‘Animals Including dinosaurs’

‘Journeys, Tales and Adventures’

Focus Texts

Rainbow Fish

The Gruffalo


Gingerbread Man


Lost and Found


Funny Bones


Whatever Next The Way Back Home

Man on the Moon


Superhero like you



Harry and the

Bucket Full of



Oi Frog


Once Upon A Raindrop

Handa’s Surprise

3 Little Pigs




Letter formation

CVC decoding

Word building

Reading of High


Words (HFWs)



Letter formation

CVC word building and reading


Ordering story

Reading of HFWs


Letter formation

Reading sentences


Sentence building



Letter formation

Reading sentences

Sentence building






Sentence formation

Read/write HFWs


Fact files



Sentence formation

Read/write HFWs


Retelling a story

Maths Focus

Match and sort

Compare amounts

Compare size, mass capacity

Exploring pattern





Composition of


Representing the number 4

Representing the number 5

One more

One less

Shapes with 4 sides


Alive in 5

Composition of numbers to 5

Comparing mass

Measuring capacity

Growing 6,7 and 8

Composition of numbers to 6, 7, 8 Adding more

Length and Height

Building 9 and 10

Order numerals to


Composition of 9 and 10

Comparing numbers within 10

Making 10

3D shapes

To 20 and beyond

Missing Numbers

Ordering Numerals to 20

First, then, now

Adding more

Taking away

Find My Pattern

Doubling Sharing


Odd and Even

Finding Patterns

Expressive Arts

Marvellous marks

Rhyme and Music


Seasonal crafts

Christmas carols and Song

Paint my World

Using instruments for rhythm

Creation Station

Seasonal Crafts


Let’s get Crafty

Seasonal Crafts


Past and Present


Starting School

My family and me – our history


What is a timeline?


What have I celebrated in the past?


Has anyone ever been to the Moon?

Little People, Big Dreams – Neil Armstrong

How have I changed since I was a baby?

What did my parents look like when they were babies?

Was our school a farm?

Which people have been important in our world?

Little People, Big Dreams – David Attenborough

Did the dinosaurs live in Great Britain?


When are our birthdays?

How have I changed since the start of the year?


People, culture and Communities


My Local Area

Where do I live?

What places are special to me?

What places do I visit?

The country I live in.

What events do we celebrate?

How do  we celebrate?

Comparing Traditions.

How do other people celebrate?

Chinese New Year

What jobs do my family do?

What jobs do other people do?

What happens on a farm?

What places are special to some people in our country?

Why are they special?

Who’s been on holiday? What was it like? Can I describe the difference between my holiday and where I live?

How is Africa different to the UK?




My Amazing Body

Air, water and weather




Plants and Growing


Dinosaurs and Animals


Water and Materials

Whole School values

Respect for Self; respect for others; respect for our environment

Our 6 rules

Try your best

Be kind

Take care of property

Listen to others

Tell the truth

Use time wisely


Our 6 Qualities

Kindness, community spirit, resilience, honesty, perseverance, confidence