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Holiday List

Holidays in term time

Please be aware that it is Gilded Hollins's policy not to authorize any holidays taken in term time. There are no exceptions to this policy. If your child has 10 or more unauthorized sessions (one half-day equates to one session) you will receive a letter from the local authority warning that any further unauthorized absences within a three-week period will leave you liable to a fine.

Holiday dates 2020/2021


Autumn Term 2020

Tuesday 1st September                            School opens for staff

Wednesday 2nd September                    School opens for pupils

Friday 23rd October                                  School closes Half-term

Monday 2nd November                              School opens

Friday 18th December                               School closes for Christmas


Spring Term 2021

Tuesday 5th January                                 School opens for staff

Wednesday 6th January                          School opens for pupils

Friday 12th February                                 School closes Half-term

Monday 22nd February                              School opens

Wednesday 31st March                             School closes for Easter


Summer Term 2021     

Monday 19th April                                      School open for staff

Tuesday 20th April                                   School opens for pupils

Monday 3rd May                                        School closed - (Mayday)

Friday 28th May                                         School closes Half-term

Monday 7th June                                       School opens

Wednesday 21st July                                 School closes for Summer


Please note that children begin school on the date in bold type.