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Pupil questionnaire

July 2017, Year 6 Exit Survey Results

You will be leaving Gilded Hollins shortly and although we will be sad to see you go we know you are ready to move on to your next school. Before you go we would like your help to improve our work for our present pupils and those who will be joining us in the future. Please answer the questions below on your own, and as honestly as you can. They cover your whole time at Gilded Hollins, not just Year 6. Thank you very much for your help. Mrs Haworth


What three things have you enjoyed most about your lessons during your whole time at the school?


  1. Discussions with partner/group x 15 / Being allowed to work in twos/groups x 14
  2. Working outside of the classroom such as the log cabin x 12
  3. Working with laptops/I Pads x 9

Other answers:

  • Lessons where work on one harder question throughout but learn a lot from it x 3
  • Being given the challenge of the harder questions x 3
  • Working independently x 3
  • Art x 3
  • Science x 3
  • Drama production x 2
  • Being praised for the work I’ve done x 2
  • Singing x 2
  • Learning something new x 2
  • Making stories/planning writing x 2
  • Salman sale x 2 , tea day, super class
  • Lots of PE
  • Working with Mr Eckersley
  • Having fun
  • Interactive lessons
  • Learning new things about classmates as grow up
  • Trusted to go outside the classroom
  • Swapping places in class to sit next to other people
  • Being able to present work to other pupils
  • They have been made enjoyable even though it’s a tough challenge
  • Guided reading
  • Long multiplication
  • Having a white board and pen
  • Being able to answer questions



What three things have you enjoyed most outside of lessons (for example, school trips, clubs, council)?


  1. PGL/residential x 23
  2. Competitive sports x 18 (one put named sports for all 3 choices so counted once)
  3. School production x 13 (one said being chosen as a soloist)

Other answers:

  • School trips x 6 (one named Eureka)
  • Let’s Sing x 5
  • Salman Sale x 4
  • School clubs x 4 (chess and greater depth maths named)
  • Going to grammar and reading competitions x 3 (grammar and reading named twice)
  • Being on the school council x 2
  • Sponsored walk x 2
  • Class assemblies x 2
  • Opportunity to play a musical instrument
  • Arts week
  • Fund raising
  • The field when it’s hot
  • Doing sales for poor people
  • Sports day

What will you miss most about the school?


  1. Adults: All the staff x 13/ All the teachers x 6/ Staff in Year 6 x 2
  2. Children: Friends x 5/ Pupils x 6 / Pupils in Year 6 X 3/ My classmates going to different schools

Other answers:

  • Sports x 4
  • Being a class x 3
  • Super class parties x 2
  • The building
  • The timber trail
  • School trips
  • Being safe without being judged for being different
  • Everything

During your time at Gilded Hollins what has made you most proud?


  1. My SATs results x 13 (one added getting greater depth in everything, another said ‘not just mine, my entire class’ were amazing’)
  2. Being on the sports teams x 5 (two said being chosen as a sports captain, another said being able to represent everyone during sports events, another said being rewarded with bands for sports)

Other answers:

  • Being on the family tree x 3
  • Being chosen for big part in production x 3 (Jasmine, Aladdin, Year 4)
  • All my friends x 2
  • Getting that sticker off Mr Nash
  • Singing a solo in front of the whole class because at first I was really quiet but I grew confident
  • Pupils commenting on me
  • Being a school councillor twice and being involved in shows
  • Being able to learn something new all the time
  • The fact that what I learn can make a big impact on people surrounding me
  • Being part of the Gilded family

Have you felt safe at Gilded Hollins? YES / NO

100% (30/30) said YES

If you were to be granted any wish to make the school even better, what would it be?

Sport: 12 answers, namely more sport for younger classes x 2, more sporting events, a bigger football pitch x 3 more football nets, 2 or 3 trampolines for PE x 2, a netball court, have gymnastics and dancing lessons at own school x 2

Buildings and grounds: 6 answers namely bigger classrooms (x2), a second floor to the school, a canopy for KS2, bigger junior playground x 2

Other activities: 5 answers, namely new outdoor equipment, make the timber trail bigger x 2, a variety of different competitions, not just sport, doing more fun activities

Breaks: 3 answers, namely bring the fixed afternoon break back x 3

Lessons: 3 answers, namely have more lessons outside the classroom, more art lessons x 2

Dinners: 3 answers, namely nicer school dinners, that Year 6 pupils don’t have to wait for slow Receptions to finish their dinners x 2 (only have half an hour lunchtime when you’ve worked hard all day)

Others: 2 answers, namely more pupils, a smaller library for the infants with books more their level of reading