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How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s needs?

The school is given a notional SEND budget. The money is used to provide additional support or resources dependent on an individual’s needs.

Support can take many forms and our guiding principle is providing the highest quality education for all children. To this end, we ensure that each class has an allocated teaching assistant to help support the class teacher. We want the best for our pupils just as you want the best for your child.

Support may include (but is not restricted to):


  • Targeted differentiation to increase access to text (desk copies of information to aid tracking difficulties, accessible text, different recording strategies, additional time etc.)
  • In class, adult support aimed at increasing skills in specific area of weakness (learning behaviours, organisation, etc.)
  • Out of class support with the Learning Mentor (relationship building, social, emotional skill development)
  • Small group intervention to pre-teach skills or enable children to ‘catch up’ (subject or targeted at additional need)
  • Specific support, advice and guidance may be provided to parents and families to improve a pupil’s readiness for learning (relating to pupil’s difficulties in attendance, behaviour, physiological and emotional needs etc.)
  • One to one teaching to target specific areas of need
  • Additional teaching resources or practical apparatus to support learning
  • Accessing additional support and advice from specialists.