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Our Vision and Aims


Our Vision and Aims

Our School

Gilded Hollins is a happy, family school where respect and caring attitudes flourish and supportive relationships support children to be confident, kind and honest.

The guiding principle of ‘Respect’ underpins all that we do here - 

respect for self; respect for others; respect for our environment.


Our 6 qualities guide our behaviour and attitudes:

kindness, community spirit, resilience, honesty, perseverance and confidence.


We work closely with parents to ensure that all children reach the highest standards of which they are capable; not only in their academic achievement, but also in their wider abilities and talents.


Children leave Gilded Hollins with a real sense of belonging and family. Our ethos, expectations and curriculum and instil in all children the values and attitudes needed to be happy in life and succeed in modern Britain.

Our pupils will have a positive self-esteem and a strong sense of self, leaving us with the unshakeable inner confidence of a leader, ready to take their place in the world and make a difference to others.