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Spring 1 and 2

We created Easter cards with our Year 6 buddies. We really trust them and love the relationships which are developing.

Which book will we choose?

We had a visit to Smithills Farm where we learned lots about animals and how to care for them.

We are using tricky words in our sentences.

How many have we made? How many ways can you do it?

As part of World Book Day, we shared stories with our Year 6 buddies

We discussed about whether things were safe or unsafe.

Working on our gross motor skills in physical activity

We were very brave performing in our first class assembly. It was for Mother’s Day and our Year 6 buddies helped us.

Here are some of the pictures of our mummies.

We found lots of different textures in our outdoor area.

We have been learning about one more...

We looked at the composition of numbers up to 5 and wrote number sentences.

We introduced the terms heavier and lighter and estimated which would be the heaviest / lightest before testing it out.

A visit from classroom kitchen where we learned about food hygiene, how to make a batter mix and how to chop fruit safely.

We looked at maps and had a go at making maps in different formats

We looked at the different ways that numbers would be made e.g. 5 = 2 + 2 + 1

Developing our understanding of our solar system

We looked at different amounts and compared them using the terms fewer, more than and equal.

Making rockets in our science-based Understanding the World work.

Word building and unscrambling to make cvc words