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Gallery 2023-24

We finished off our sculpture unit this week. We applied all the skills we’ve used to design and make a house tile.

We researched a significant event which happened when Queen Elizabeth II reigned - the London 2012 Olympics. We noted down our favourite facts about the games

We have been investigating measures in maths.

We practised attaching pieces of clay together using the score and slip method.

Measuring in cm & m.

We used lists of significant events in Queen Elizabeth II’s life to create a timeline.

Using our hands as tools to shape clay into pinch pots.

Playing a game to apply our learning about apostrophes for contractions.

Our first sculpture lesson has the focus of exploring with clay. We used our hands as tools and a range of modelling tools too to make marks.

In RE, we all created something so we know what it feels like to have made something.

In art, we revised the different types of lines we learned in Y1. We used these different lines to sketch different textures.

We used iPads to research blue whales in science.

We played a memory game to revise our knowledge of oceans and continents.

We have been dividing by sharing and grouping.

Harold came to visit us!

As part of our topic, we looked at African art. We learned African art has lots of repeated patterns, animals and bold colours. We continued some African patterns...

We started science week off with a Mad Science assembly. Next, we investigated the best biscuit for dunking. Our results concluded hot chocolate is the best.

We sequenced the fable The Bridge. Once we’d ordered it, we played a game where we removed one part of the fable and our partner had to work out what was missing.

In Real PE, we created our own balance circuits.

Happy World Book Day!

We used atlases to locate and label the 7 continents and 5 oceans.

We finished our Lowry topic off by visiting the Lowry art gallery.

Classroom Kitchen returned to Y2 this week. This time, we made a Greek salad. The olives were very divisive...

Our finished collages 🤩

We had our first Classroom Kitchen session this week. We made rockbuns. They were yummy!

We investigated things that are alive, dead and things that have never been alive around our school grounds.

We made timelines of L S Lowry’s life.

We finished our class assembly sharing ways everybody can be a good friend...

We used a range of things to paint the textures we found on our texture hunt.

We went on a texture hunt around school

In D&T, we made chairs for Baby Bear

We had a visit from Miss Banks to experience a Victorian classroom

Doing our Pudsey circuits

We made shortbread to sell to raise money for Children in Need.

We organised events in Leigh’s history into chronological order to create a timeline.

We were lucky enough to have a VR workshop today.

We created more abstract maps. This week, we used oil pastels and a printing technique to create our abstract art.

In science, we’ve been learning about our bodies. We set up an experiment to investigate the impact exercise has on our bodies.

We used Google Earth and Google Maps to create maps of our local area.

We made ‘cloud blowers’ today. We will be writing instructions this week on how to blow the perfect cloud...

We made stained glass style abstract maps

We made maps of our playground. We used our maps to mark where we’d put ‘treasure’ and our partner had to locate it.

We’ve been working on static balances in our Real PE sessions.

In art, we drew abstract maps. We could make up an imaginary map or use a place we are familiar with.

The Challenge Cup came to visit us 🤩

Say hello to our Eco Councillor and School Councillors

We used atlases to locate Leigh on a map. Our challenge was to identify which cities are the closest to Leigh.

We’ve been building numbers with base 10 in our maths lessons.

We worked on our throwing and catching skills in PE.