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The guiding principle of ‘Respect’ underpins all that we do here at Gilded Hollins.

Respect for self; respect for others; respect for our environment.

We are a nurturing community where we aspire to be the best we can at all we do and be kind to each other. We believe in respecting everybody.



Our Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, and encourages pupils to not only achieve and have high aspirations for themselves, but also be enthused, creative and resilient.


Gilded Hollins is a happy, family school where respect and caring attitudes flourish and supportive relationships help children to be confident, caring and honest. Children leave Gilded Hollins with a real sense of belonging and family. Our ethos, rules, PHSE lessons and assemblies promote the values and attitudes needed to be happy in life and succeed in modern Britain.


We have a rich and varied array of enrichment opportunities to engage learning, celebrate difference and nurture talent. Our pupils will have a positive self-esteem, pride and a strong sense of self, leaving us with the unshakeable inner confidence of a leader.



              Our children will be:








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