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Curriculum Overview

Our School


The guiding principle of ‘Respect’ underpins all that we do here at Gilded Hollins.

Respect for self; respect for others; respect for our environment.

Our 6 qualities guide our behaviour and attitudes:

kindness, community spirit, resilience, honesty, perseverance and confidence.

We are a nurturing community where we aspire to be the best we can.



Our Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, and encourages pupils to not only achieve and have high aspirations for themselves, but also be enthused, engaged and resilient.


Gilded Hollins is a happy, family school where respect and caring attitudes flourish and supportive relationships help children to be confident, kind and honest. Children leave Gilded Hollins with a real sense of belonging and family. Our ethos, rules, PHSE lessons and assemblies promote the values and attitudes needed to be happy in life and succeed in modern Britain.


We have a rich and varied array of enrichment opportunities to engage learning, celebrate difference and nurture talent. Our pupils will have a positive self-esteem and a strong sense of self, leaving us with the unshakeable inner confidence of a leader.

Year Reception Class Overview

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Year Five Class Overview

Curriculum Implementation


How do we deliver the curriculum at Gilded Hollins?


The National Curriculum ensures that there is an equal balance of knowledge and skills that are built upon progressively at each stage of the child’s development.  Each curriculum area has developed their own ‘Progression of Skills’ document, bespoke to our school, that outlines exactly what is taught in each year group to ensure clarity of purpose for all teachers.

Each subject is taught as a single subject to ensure full coverage of the subject matter in terms of knowledge and skills. 


Our foundation subjects are taught through an enquiry based, ‘learning challenge’ curriculum. An over-arching, challenge question links subjects cohesively giving meaning and purpose to children’s learning. This ‘prime’ question then leads to smaller, subsidiary challenges, also presented as questions. It is important that these smaller, ‘bite-size’ questions make sense to the children and are within their range of understanding. By involving the children in the formation of the main question and taking time to find out about their preconceptions and misunderstandings, teachers are able to tailor their planning to the individual needs of their classes.


We believe passionately in enhancing our children’s learning through various visits and visitors linked to the curriculum.


Religious Education following the Wigan Council ‘Sacre’ scheme of work, an enquiry-based approach to learning that focuses on improving standards of religious literacy and has an academic rigour that will equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to engage with religious issues and worldviews.

Personal, Health and Social Education following the SCARF scheme of work, enhanced by the Life Education Bus Project & a variety of workshops Eg. the NSPCC and The Anne Frank Foundation.


Physical Education is delivered by our PE specialist and Specialist Sports Coaches.


A programme of extra-curricular activities, which includes creative and physical opportunities.  


We also strive to develop and uphold British Values, i.e. Democracy; The Rule of Law; Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs; Developing Personal and Social Responsibility and Respect for British Institutions.


Each subject has a more in depth analysis of the implementation of their subject contained within their Subject Leader Report.



Curriculum Impact


We aim that children leave Gilded Hollins with a secure understanding of the academic content and an innate sense of self belief in their own ability. We want them to be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally responsible and aware; to know how to make positive contributions to others and how to be the best that they can be. We aim for all of our children to leave us as respectful, kind, ambitious people who have the self confidence to go and make a difference in the world.