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Gallery 2022-2023

Summer 2023

We were able to spot lots more signs of spring during our seasonal changes lesson in science 🌸🌼🌱🌿

We needed a lot of concentration and perseverance when we were learning to weave in art.

We have been exploring capacity and volume in maths.

We have been exploring mass in maths.

Spring 2023

We have been growing own beanstalks in science. We have learnt about the different parts of the plant, recorded our observations over time and enjoyed watching our beans grow.

In English, we have been learning about caterpillars. We used the I-Pads to find out information about caterpillars to write a fact file. 🐛

We have been making and partitioning numbers with tens and ones up to 50 in maths

We have been knotting, threading and plaiting in art.

We went out looking for signs of spring and then used some of our findings to sketch them.

In design and technology, we have designed, created and evaluated our own toys.

In science, we investigated which materials were waterproof and which were not 💦

In art, we learnt about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Then using chalk and paint, we created our own versions of Starry Night in his style.

We’re loving the story of Naughty Bus but he is creating a lot of mischief while he is here 🚌

To link with our history topic, Jane came to talk to us about her old toys 🧸 We had a fantastic afternoon learning about toys from the past and enjoyed playing with them too.

We have been working on our movement and balancing in PE as well as encouraging and supporting others.

After listening to the creation story in RE, the children created their own pictures to show what happened on each day.

We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh in art. We have looked at his picture Starry Night and created our own pictures in his style. 🌃

We really enjoyed our cookery session making oaty energy cookies 🍪 We used scales for weighing, spoons for creaming and mixing and scissors for cutting.

Fun in the snow ⛄️ ❄️

We have been sorting objects by the material they are made from.

We have been finding how many ways we can make 20.

We used an atlas to identify the four countries of the United Kingdom and labelled our own maps.

Autumn 2022

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner today! 🎄🎅

We have enjoyed using the I-pads for learning how to use coding and to create winter pictures

Decorating the Christmas tree 🎄

During our topic on Light and Dark, we investigated how to make shadows.

We really enjoyed the story The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and then finding out lots of facts about Barn Owls 🦉

We really love reading 📖

We learnt about the story of The Gunpowder Plot and created firework pictures.

We have learnt about The Beatles in history 🎵🎶

After reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch, we designed and made sandwiches. We then wrote instructions about how to make a sandwich.

We collected autumn objects such as leaves and conkers and made drawings of them. We also used the I-Pads to create autumn pictures.

The children have settled in really well and made a great start to Year 1.