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We have arrived at Thurston safe and sound! After lunch, a show around the site and a kit check, we were on our adventures! The groups are as follows:



Freddie, Isaac, Gracie, Aimee, Tommy B, Elliott, Lucas, Joshua W, Ava, Jacob, Elliott and Mrs Malley



Florence, Jamie, William, Daniel, Annabelle, Alex, Oliver, Evie, Tommy C and Ethan and Mrs Anderson



Riley, Austin, Josh R, Luka, Darcy, Ella, Isla, Nayah, Harry, Luca and Mr Taylor


Yewdale started their Thurston adventure with a climb to ‘The Top of the World’. Only a short walk from the centre and with a steep track in spaces, the children flew up and were genuinely taken aback with the stunning views! As the darker nights are starting to draw in, it was a quick descent back down in time to unpack in time for tea!


Grizedale were straight to it after a quick bag drop. We kicked off our activity to do list with a local hill walk, we explored the local environment and learnt that if your arms don’t fit round the tree it is probably older than your mum and dad! We made it to the top of the hill for hot chocolate and to take in the beautiful views. It was a brisk walk down were we had negotiate a couple of streams with a few getting wet feet.

A great day all round.


Langdale were organised quickly and were off and about exploring around Thurston. We learnt about the local area and how hydro energy is used to power Thurston! We also worked as a team to cross streams and crawl through tunnels. There was a dry option and a wet option (most of the children took the wet option!). A big adventure awaits tomorrow!


After a hearty tea of chicken, herby potatoes, peas and carrots AND jam sponge and custard, it was time for our evening activity… Hide and seek around the grounds in the dark! The children had great fun and it’s safe to say, they’ll definitely sleep tonight! Time to chill out and watch a bit of a film before bed! All is well x


Mrs Malley, Mrs Anderson and Mr Taylor x



Morning arrived and EVERYONE slept through the night. We’re super proud with how sensible the children settled down last night. We had to wake up each room up at 7.30 for a breakfast of cereal, yoghurt and toast to set us up for the day!


Grizedale what an amazing day we’ve had! The day started on the lake, we launched the boats and spent time perfecting our skills on the water. Boat by boat the sails were dropped, and the children were able to zip about on the water. After a while, it was time for a break, we moored the boats and set up shelter on a nearby beach to build the fires for the Kelly kettles to make our hot chocolates and warm us up. 

Next, we made our way round to the powerboat world championships, that happen only once a year on the lake. The children were met by the organiser who took them round the pits to learn a little bit more about the boats and meet some of the drivers, it was very exciting and we were able to cheer on some of them, including nine year old Tate Mantripp.

Finally, it was time to head back to Thurston to finish the afternoon off with jetty jumping.


Yewdale to quote one child ‘today is literally the best day ever!’ and it has been! A day of two halves… we set off for a ghyll scramble this morning. The children’s faces were a picture when they stepped foot in it and felt the very cold temperatures. They soon adjusted and were displaying the most impressive team work skills as they helped each other up the fast flowing ghyll. To finish the morning off, we headed to the lake and ALL jumped in off the jetty… it was exhilarating and breath taking at the same time!

This afternoon, we were back on the lake and this time canoeing! With a bit of a wind, this was more challenging than we expected. We all had to dig deep and encourage each other, but made such progress in a short space of time. We shan’t mention one boat capsizing, but they were both smiling when they emerged from the canoe giggling away! Yewdale - a day to feel really proud of you!


Langdale went an epic adventure around Tarn Hows today! The minibus dropped us off and we were off into the wilderness. In total, we walked for over 7 miles which included all of the children navigating and using the map. There were steep hills, streams to cross and flapjacks to be eaten but we beat every challenge thrown our way. We were out all day, taking a packed lunch with us. The children worked together and helped each other when needed which was lovely to see! 

Finally, because we walked so quickly, we arrived back at Thurston early for a classic activity… Every member of the group jumped into the lake from the jetty despite the freezing cold water! Some jumped into numerous times and why not?! A well deserved, hot shower awaited…


Spirit of the Games wristbands were given out to today to the following children for the following values:


Determination - Annabelle


Passion - Joshua W


Self Belief - 


Teamwork - Harry, Oliver


Honesty - Lucas


Respect - 


Tonight’s activity was, again, hide and seek in the dark! A timeless classic with Year 6! In addition to this, we had a bit of a piñata whacking session to celebrate Hallowe’en! Needless to say, they didn’t last very long! Now, time to relax! Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


The Year 6 Thurston Team x









Another restful night! We woke to cereal, toast, sausage, bacon and beans and a big day ahead! 


Yewdale started off on the lake with a spot of kayaking. The children were superb and sensible so luckily, nobody fell in and they were able to showcase their kayaking skills. Of course, the children had to jump in afterwards to celebrate. After lunch, it was time to say goodbye to Mrs Malley but hello to Mrs Merry who joined the gang for the rest of the week. First up in the afternoon was tree climbing. The children shone as always with plenty of the group making it all the way to the top (including Mrs Merry!). To end the day’s activities, Yewdale were on the picture trail around the site. They were kept busy with 3 different circuits in the grounds to end the day!


Today, Grizedale took on the challenge of a mountain walk up the side of the Old Man of Coniston. At the beginning of the walk, the map was handed over to the children with only a few key bits of information, they took charge of the day and led the way. We took time to take in the stunning views, waterfalls and listen to the sounds of the great outdoors. Next, after we made it to the top of the waterfall, it was time for lunch at the side of a lake. Before we knew it, the rain rolled in and it was time to take shelter in the roll out tent,I think it’s safe to say this was one of the highlights of the day for them and lots of fun was had! After that, we braved the elements and started on our descent, but it wasn’t too long until the hot chocolate was out for a quick warm up. The children have shown true grit and determination today, they were all fabulous.

Finally, the days activities concluded with orienteering where their map skills were put to the test again and they all managed to complete it, with Oliver and Alex being crowned the overall winners. 


Langdale had the best day in the world ever! Firstly, we were out on Lake Coniston on the stand up paddle boards. These were no ordinary paddle boards though because they were enormous and 5 people could fit on one. Thankfully, nobody fell in but we all chose to jump in the lake afterwards - surprise, surprise! After lunch, headed for the ghyll in the most treacherous/best conditions for ghyll scrambling. We apologise for the lacks of photos from this activity but we thought keeping the children alive was the priority. Jokes aside, the children absolutely LOVED it! They really dug in and helped each other overcome difficult weather and fast-moving water. Mr Taylor was really proud of the group today! We weren’t done yet and returned to Thurston for some picture orienteering around the site with Austin, Nayah, Luca and Ella running out winners.


Spirit of the Games wristbands were given out to today to the following children for the following values:


Determination - 


Passion - Riley, Isaac


Self Belief - Nayah


Teamwork - Isaac


Honesty - 


Respect - Darcy


Our evening had a bit of a twist tonight. We hosted #JamFest for Jamie’s birthday which included sweets, dancing and party games. Time to settle down with a bit of a film before bed, ready for our last full day at Thurston. Night night!


The Year 6 Thurston Team x



Another peaceful night at Thurston! It’s safe to say we’re getting more organised as the days go on! The forecast wasn’t good but we got lucky and the weather turned out to be alright!


The adventures of Grizedale today, started with rock climbing. We were all really raring to go and excited for what was ahead, then we saw the rock face we were climbing - eeekkk! Joking aside, the children were fabulous and really pulled together to get each other through some trying moments. For some, they faced and conquered their fears, it was incredible to see them all pull together and treat each other with such encouragement and kindness. Once we had all successfully climbed and accomplished what we set out to do, the flapjacks and hot chocolate were dished out and we made our way back to base. 

Next, it was lunch and a quick change in to our wetsuits for ghyll scrambling, which was so much fun. There was lots of excited screaming and laughter along the way, as we navigated the fast flowing water and steep terrain. Finally, we finished off the day with a bit of fresh water jetty jumping and hot showers to follow. 


Yewdale have been absolutely superb. Mrs Burns joined us for a great walk and adventure. We were out and about for 6 hours starting with a mini bus to Elter Water climbing up to the summit and then through Cathedral Caves with spectacular views over the valley. We navigated through tunnels in the pitch black and walked about 6 miles. Everyone got stuck in and even when it became quite grey and exposed spirits were high. Flapjacks and hot blackcurrant were very welcome! 


Langdale had an amazing day! First up, we were out canoeing on the lake where the conditions weren’t ideal. We battled the elements so we’ll that we had time for a spot of kayaking too! This didn’t go according to plan though as most of the group fell in - all survived though! An inevitable and final jetty jump followed. How could it not?! In the afternoon, we were tree climbing which is like rock climbing but outdoors on HUGE trees! Some children made it to the top, some children conquered fears and every single group member succeeded! We even had time to tackle the indoor climbing wall too! It summed up our week at Thurston! 


Spirit of the Games wristbands were given out to today to the following children for the following values:


Determination - Josh R


Passion - 


Self Belief - Tommy B


Teamwork - 


Honesty - 


Respect - William, Austin


Time to get now ready for coming home tomorrow! Our evening time was spent playing games in the barn, spending at the souvenir shop and THE ULTIMATE SCAVENGER HUNT! The children will tell you all about it when they get home - typing won’t do it justice! All in all, we’ve had a blast and we hope the children have made memories to treasure forever.


Thanks for loaning us your children for a week, but we’ll hand them back and I’m sure there’ll be some big hugs for you all x


The Year 6 Thurston Team x