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Autumn 2

Maths- we have been learning about 4 sides shapes. We know a square has 4 equal sides and a rectangle has 2 long and 2 short sides.

We had an amazing time at Imagine That for our first school trip!

Bikeability - it was an amazing day learning to ride bikes, playing games on bikes and competing in bike races to develop our gross motor skills 🚴 🚲

We loved learning and singing some Christmas carols 🎤 🎶

We had a brilliant time having our families in school and making some Christmas Crafts with them!

Art - creating observational drawings of flowers 💐

Maths- we have been comparing circles and triangles by looking at their sides and corners.

History- learning all about Remembrance Day and creating Poppy picture prints using potatoes.

Science- learning about the wind and making a wind sock.

Art- mark making with felt tips.

History- learning all about the gun powder plot and bonfire safety. We lit some sparklers to celebrate.

Science- understanding how the rain and clouds work.