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Meet the School Council

What is the School Council?


The school council works to make improvements to our school and the way we do things at Gilded Hollins. We look around for things that could be better and discuss what to do. Everyone gets a chance to speak and when we’ve finished we vote on the best ideas and then start working on changing things. Sometimes we have to talk to teachers, sometimes we have to talk to Mrs Haworth, our Safeguarding governor, and sometimes we have to talk to our class.

Who are the School Councillors?

We have two representatives from each class. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings and put the minutes up in the classroom.



Introducing Leo, Lexie, Saffron, Zack, Fletcher, Milly, Nyla, James, Ella, Harry, Ben and Joshua! 



We try to be very professional in the council so we use a lot of business words. Hopefully this will help.

Agenda - a list of things to talk about

Councillor - someone who has been voted for to work for their class mates on the school council

Minutes - the notes taken during a meeting so people can see what goes on

Motion - an idea for the council to discuss


Some examples of the work we have carried out:


1. Safeguarding Questionnaire


This took quite a while to develop. We quickly realised that we needed a different one for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Our completed questionnaires can be found below.


Part of our job was to analyse what the questionnaires revealed. The results were very positive, but we discovered that we had some work to do from them.  After discussions with Mrs Burns and Mrs Malley, the procedures for all staff and visitors to the school were shared in assembly and we worked on e-safety in class as we were worried about some of the Apps / social media that children were using. 


2. Fundraising


As a school, we supported Children in Need and all came to school with crazy hair! In return for coming with crazy hair, we had to send in a donation.  The School Council sorted and counted all the money and then bagged it up afterwards.


3. Being a voice for the Governing Body


Mrs Haworth, along with Mrs Johnson and Mrs Thornley were putting together a bid for a MUGA (multi use games area) at our school. It involved a lot of paper work and was very time consuming.  We had a working lunch where we ate our lunch and also shared out thoughts and opinions with Mrs Haworth. Mrs Haworth was most grateful and equally impressed with our suggestions!