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Spring 2019





We have been very busy this term and have been learning many new things. We have been using number bonds, finding different ways to add and subtract, using number lines and counting on from larger numbers. 




We have enjoyed listening to The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark and following Plop through his journey to becoming a true night owl! We have also improved our writing skills and are getting better at writing our own sentences and reading them back to check they make sense. We have been trying really hard to learn the many different spelling families too and are liking our spelling test on a Friday. Some of us call it the '10 out of 10' day!


Wild Wings


The highlight of this term was the visit from Wild Wings. We loved meeting the different owls and found out many more owl facts. It was amazing to see Nova the Barn Owl fly across the hall.




Welcome to Year One


Mrs Senior and Miss Ward