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At Gilded Hollins, we have a number of aims to ensure our children are able to succeed in the wider-world once leaving us. We provide many learning and wider opportunities, across both key stages, which enable children to speak with clarity, confidence and expression, and to take account of their audience, purpose and differing situations.

We ensure all children are able to listen attentively and with understanding in order to respond to others to teach children effective communication, both verbal and non – verbal, through a variety of drama activities.

A whole school priority is encouraging a love of reading within our children. Because our children leave us being able to confidently read, we are setting them up for the next stage on their learning journey. We teach children the skills to become a reflective reader, through contact with interesting fiction and non-fiction texts.

e also ensure children leave us as writers. Children in all classes write every week for a range of purposes and for a variety of audiences. Teachers plan to ensure the writing is something meaningful or of interest to the children. This planning approach ensures children are able to express themselves clearly and creatively through their own writing. To ensure our children have the best chance of success, we develop their ability to discuss and evaluate their own writing and that of others.

We also ensure all children have a broad base of strategies to help them with spelling, punctuation and grammar in their writing. As we have a recognised school handwriting style, all children are taught to develop a neat, clear and fluent handwriting style.

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