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Hi everyone, welcome to the Year 4 page. This page allows us to share the wonderful work and exciting topics we will be covering. We will add photographs and video of work we have completed. Look out for special links and information about what we are learning about!

29.06.17  Continuing the topic theme of animals and their habitats, Year 4 went to Martin mere wildfowl centre.  We looked at the wetlands and the different environments that different birds prefer.  We particularly enjoyed the wild walk, hand feeding the birds and our time in the excellent play area.  Many thanks to Mr Eckersley, Mrs Oancea  and Emily Redding for accompanying us  

28.6.17 Year4 triumphed at their final brass concert. If you missed it here is a little taste.....

Still image for this video
19.6.17  Year 4's topic this term is 'animals and their habitat ' so we went off to Pennington Flash to see what we could find.  We were surprised not to find more insects but we concluded that as it was very windy they were sheltering in the undergrowth.  We researched our eggshell when we got back to school and concluded that it was a duck egg.  Thanks to Mrs Holman and Mrs Martin for accompanying us.

The best way to listen to our current class reading book when the weather is hot.

The Winners! The year 4 team that sailed into first place (out of 8 teams) at Newton Westparks spelling bee.



Year four have enjoyed learning about the water cycle.  

The water cycle

Still image for this video


Our Topic this term is 'Why were Norman castles not bouncy?'  We studied the buildings and structures in a Norman castle and made our own motte, bailey and keep..

5.5.17 This weeks Family tree winner


We're not just making a mess, we're doing science! This week we  made cornflour slime to help us investigate the properties of non-Newtonian liquids. 

10.3.17 Family tree winner

6.3.17 continuing with our Roman topic Y4 researched, designed and made mosiacs.

Family tree winner 3.3.17

year 4 on world book day

Year 4 made replicas of their own teeth as part of our topic work on The digestive system.

14.2.17 Learning times tables can be fun!



As part of their topic work on Romans year 4 were lucky enough to visit the excellent Dewa centre in Chester.  We enjoyed a tour of the museum and learned about life as a roman.  We discovered that Romans had some very unusual favourite foods and ideas about medicine. Then we had a chance to get 'hands on' with dressing up and playing roman games.  After lunch we set out in our Legion to march across Chester to visit the Roman Gardens and the ampi theatre where we witnessed a savage battle between two gladiators (or Mr Bansel and Mrs Oancea as you might know them).  Our legion then marched back to the centre to the rousing strains of the Roman marching chant.  Sin, sin, sin dec sin!  Many thanks to Mrs Thompson and Mrs Oancea for joining us on a bitterly cold day and to the children of Y4 for their wonderful behaviour and enthusiasm.

Dewa centre 9.2.17

3.2.17 Y4 Family Tree winner

Design and technology - making musical instruments

20.1.17 Our Family Tree Winner and walk of fame participants


As part of our topic work on structures, Y4 were challenged to create a free standing skyscraper using nothing but paper.  As you can see they were very successful.

Our 'skyscrapers'

Superclass party 15.12.16

We had a fabulous time at our suoerclass party this afternoon.  Everyone looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers and we enjoyed classic party games like 'pin the tie on Mr Rushton' and balloon relay races.  We indulged in a spot of conga and had a festive photo booth. Thanks to the very generous food donations from parents we had a splendid buffet which the children demolished in no time.

Year 4 Brass concert 14.12.16


After only one term of lessons Year 4 were brave enough to give their first public performance to family and friends.  They played various hit pieces including 'Hot Cross buns' and 'heavy metal' before moving on to family favourites such as jingle bells.  Not content  with wowing the audience with their brass skills Year 4 also provided wonderful singers with a duet by Evie and Faith and the popular trio of Dimitra, Leila and Amelie.  Fabulous piano solos were performed by Thomas, Leila, Erin, Georgia and Dimitra.  The audience were very appreciative of the talent demonstrated by our musicians and gave everyone massive rounds of applause. Many, many thanks to Mr Ford and Mrs Riley for their patience and hardwork and to Martha from year 5 for her wonderful playing and support. 

Year 4 enjoying Christmas lunch 13.12.16

Coram Life Education Centre 28.11.16


Today year 4 attended a session entitled ' It's Great to be me' in the Life Education Caravan.  The children were discussing how the body worked and how to maintain a healthy body as well as considering why people are not all the same and how to cooperate and accommodate these differences.  


Coram Life Education Centre

25.11.16 Anti-bullying week 


Year 4 were blown away with all the positive feedback from our families and the rest of the school for our 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' themed presentation.  We are very grateful to all those who supported us as we rehearsed and performed our 'masterpiece'. Thank you all and remember to use your 'POWER FOR GOOD!'

Family tree winners 18/11/16

We had our first Brass Lesson today. It was great fun. We made some unusual noises!

Our trip to the World Museum at Liverpool was a great success. Thankfully it wasn't 'all greek' to us and we learned lots of interesting things about Ancient Greece to use in our topic work. Many thanks to Mrs Thompson and Mr Rowley for coming along to help out. 

6th October 2016

Today we enjoyed a visit from Leigh Ornithological Society  We had great fun making an idial and learning to identify British birds.  Thank you to Martyn, Tony, Teresa and George for an interesting afternoon.