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Kids Vs Parents Rounders Match

Year 6 had fun running the Salman Sale

Pupils in Y6 collated data from the whole school regarding the country of birth of their parents and grandparents.  A surprising variety of countries - from Wales to China - were revealed. This week we have been working on designing a school flag comprising of a combination of all twenty eight nationalities.  We are using a multitude of textiles.  Update: The finished design can be viewed at Leigh College

Heritage and Diversity

Christmas Table Decoration Competition

Hi Parents!


Today has been our first wet day - the rain hasn't been heavy but it has been constant!  We didn't let it dampen our spirits though and have enjoyed a very eventful day:


G1: Giant Swing, Survival Skills, Raft Building

G2: Survival Skills, Giant Swing, Raft Building

G3: Quad Biking, Fencing, Raft Building


The children are busy dancing the night away at our private leaver's party tonight.  I will be joining them soon to show them how it's done!


Stars of the day:

Yusuf, Ethan W, Isabelle, Thomas, Francesca, Anya for doing everything with a great big smile!  Even packing!


Ciaran, Evan, Jacob, Will and Matthew H for impressing everyone with their survival skills.


All the children have been fabulously behaved as always :)



Miss Whittaker x



*Edit 9:15pm*

The Ping Pong Championships were in full swing tonight with Ethan S, Ciaran and Will all proving tough to beat.  Ethan S, however, takes home the glory.

After the disco, we played Miss Whittaker's version of the chase.  In teams of 5, we had to answer 10 questions; any group getting 6 or more correct then faced 'The Chasers' (Mrs Burns, Mr Eckersley and Miss Henderson).  Three groups took them on in the final chase, where they had to answer 21 questions correctly.  It was a close one as they got the first 20 correct,  but, in the end, Will's final question saved the day as the Chasers were left stumped. Can you work it out? ' What gets bigger as you take something away?' 

Bedtime now!  Goodnight all xxx




We are expected to be back at Gilded Hollins between 3 and 3:30pm so it is usual collection time - but from the HALL DOOR.

Please leave time to come in and see me (Miss Whittaker) for any messages and to collect money.  (The size of the sweet bags were huge so I didn't let the children visit the tuck shop every night (wasn't a popular decision!) therefore everyone has at least 25% of their spends left - £5 if they were given the maximum spends).

There will be no photo update tomorrow as time will be tight.




Evening all!


Today has been jam packed from start to finish!  The day began very cold and windy with lots of drizzle but not enough to put any of us off!  In true PGL style, we polished off a full English breakfast, cereals, yoghurts and toast before embarking on our activities.


G1: Low Ropes, Canoeing, Vertical Challenge, Zip Wire


G2:  Canoeing, Low Ropes, Zip Wire, Vertical Challenge


G3: Zip Wire, Vertical Challenge, Archery, Canoeing


For lunch, we had soup and a roll, a choice of hot baguettes with crisps and helped ourselves to the salad bar and fruit station.


Stars of the Day:


For being absolutely fearless on the zip wire (I think they would have done it without the ropes if given half the chance!)

Christopher, Freddie, Ruby, Will


Katie, Katie, Alesha and Zoe retain their lead for tidiest bedroom, thanks to their carefully planned out rota system!  However, hot on their tails are Lily, Anya and Emilea for the girls and Ethan S, Freddie, Matthew V and Jacob. for the boys.  Burnsey Bonus points will be allocated tomorrow so it's still anyone's game!


For dinner, we had a choice of fish fingers and chips, gammon and pineapple or vegetable curry with rice and spring rolls.  The salad bar, fruit station and freshly baked breads were available as always. 


We are off to make a campfire now and learn lots of new songs :)


Photos to come...


Miss Whittaker



*Edit 22:21*

Fewer pictures today - the wifi connection is driving me bonkers!  We had bingo night after the campfire.

Congratulations Katie F, Ella, Zoe and Christopher for showing us your winning ways.

Residential record tonight.  Every child fast asleep by 9:45pm. 

It's rafting all round on the agenda tomorrow :)

Night night xx


Hi Parents!


We could not have asked for better weather so far - no rain whatsoever and not too cold either, so everyone still has plenty of warm, dry clothes left.


Activities we have enjoyed today include:

G1: Archery, Fencing, Trapeze, Problem Solving

G2: Fencing, Archery, Problem Solving, Trapeze

G3: Problem Solving, Trapeze, Giant Swing, Low Ropes


Stars of the Day:

For 'Fighting Through Their Fears' and being particularly brave

Charlotte, Jacob, Ethan S, Keira, Molly


For being 'Fearless' and 'Inspiring'

Emilea, Aaron, Lily, Callum


Those that completed the infamous 'Trapeze' (Involves climbing up a pole and standing on top, with only your own rope to hold on to, leaping off and grabbing the trapeze bar.)

Matthew V, Lily, Ellie (And Miss Whittaker... albeit somewhat reluctantly)


In the lead for tidiest bedroom - Katie F, Katie C, Alesha, Zoe


The children visited the shop today and treated themselves to some sweets, to eat later when we finish watching Holes.  We're even going to take our sleeping bags down tonight to get cosy so we're all very excited. 


Behaviour, attitudes towards each other, and general organisation and teamwork are impeccable.  Keep up the good work Year 6!


Lots of Love,


Miss Whittaker



**Edit 11:45pm**

Massive apologies to the parents of Group 3 - photos from different cameras had automatically saved under the same names (eg 100-13621) so the photos I thought I had selected turned out to be duplicates of a different group,  This is now sorted and Tuesday AM roll has been edited accordingly.


PGL Monday 14th November


Hi Parents! 


We are already loving it here at PGL.  I wanted to begin our blog by thanking you for raising such wonderful children!  The coach was spotless when we got off - not a wrapper in sight and that has definitely set the tone for all the bedrooms too - spotless.  (Yes really!) And the 'Wreck Room' (Private joke related to our class reader) where all the balls and quiz books have been put away tidily and promptly. 


When we arrived we split up in to the following groups:


Miss Whittaker: Keira, Ellie, Lily, Ella, Ethan S, Callum, Jacob, Ciaran, Evan, Will


Mr Eckersley: Isabelle, Ruby, Zoe, Charlotte, Molly, Alesha, Aaron, Matthew V, Yusuf


Mr Nash: Francesca, Katie C, Emilea, Anya, Katie F, Ethan W, Matthew H, Thomas, Christopher, Freddie


All three groups have been busy orienteering (which has helped us gather our bearings) and completing 'The Challenge Course' - which everybody did!  This involved climbing over walls, squeezing through tyres, balancing along beams of various heights, dragging your body through the mud under low nets, and going through 'The Car Wash' which, unlike the name suggests, did not make anybody clean!


We had a delicious tea this evening and I was pleased with how many children made good use of the salad bar too!  We are just getting our thermals on now, finding our torches and going outside in the pitch black ready for our 'Ambush'! 


Everyone is smiley, happy, pleased with their groups and room-mates and very excited for what tonight brings.  There have been no fall outs and the teamwork has been incredible.  You would all be so so proud!  However, my stars of the day are as follows:


Matthew Voce:  Encouraging and praising some of his teammates when they were finding the challenge course difficult.

Ella Bradbury:  The only one in the class able to tackle 'The Army Wall' what a star!

Alesha Aleem:  Excellent map reading skills, and keeping her group 'in check' during orienteering.

Katie Coates:  Muddiest face award! 


Lots of Love,


Miss Whittaker



PS Will put group pics on now and will try and get more on late this evening


Full Group Pics



In Science this half term, we have been learning about microorganisms. 

We came up with some fabulous arguments about how they can be useful: bacteria is used to create cheese and yoghurt; fungi is needed to produce antibiotics; and yeast is used to make bread rise - and ferment grapes to make wine!

In the last week of half term, we will be visiting Lowton High School and investigating just how helpful yeast is.  The Vikings never used it and we will be following a Viking loaf recipe and comparing this to what we eat today.

However, we have also learnt that microorganisms can be very harmful: bacteria on food can result in food poisoning or plaque on your teeth; and fungi that grows on food is known as mould!

This led us to our investigation: What makes mould grow? 

We learnt to always separate foods containing ethylene - such as kiwi fruits and bananas and never to leave food in humid conditions!  Did you know that mould comes in a variety of colours? We do!


Congratulations to our elected class councillors, Ella Bradbury and Ethan Woodward. 

We're sure you will do us proud.



Year 6 had great fun whilst raising money for Macmillan Support on 30th September

They made posters and flyers to advertise the event; decorated the hall and school grounds in preparation; and served approximately 150 people with tea and coffee! 

Thank you to all those that came along to support this worthy cause!  Together we raised an incredible £473.25!