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A super busy Thursday for Reception! We will all sleep tonight no


We had a spooky PE lesson training to be witches and practicing our leaping! We then did the first part of our thriller dance, we listened to the beat and tried some spooky movements...I'm sure the children would love to show you at home if you have the music!smiley

We have started our new 'tooth brushing regime' today!


Happy Halloween!devil

We have had a lovely few days celebrating Halloween. We have been reading the story of 'Room on the Broom.' We made our own special spell by putting rhyming words into the cauldron...and out came a bag of rainbow drops! sad We are having fun drawing pictures to re-tell the story and trying really hard to label them such as 'dog' 'cat' 'hat.'

We had fun learning about capacity in a green witches brew and funny shaped containers. We tested our guesses by measuring each time. Some children measured capacity in the sand area, our snack area and with the play dough. We are getting very good at using language linked to this such as 'thinner, wider, taller, shorter, most, least,' We also learned that even if a container is taller, it doesn't necessarily hold more water.

Thank you so much for sending in homework via the 2simple system. The children talked to the class about their '7 day challenge' and used the photo's you had sent to help them remember key things. We loved sharing them in class...keep the observations coming please no




Take a look at the wonderful maps we drew, inspired by the story of Goldilocks. We thought about reasons why the bears took so long to get back...maybe they got lost! How could we help them? A map!

This week we have been learning about shapes and working out how to identify them, the children loved the funny rhymes that came with each shape. We have had fun at the snack table trying avacado, pomengranate and watermelon! We are working hard in phonics moving sounds around to spell out cvc words. We have helped out the birds by making some safe cosy bird houses and a feeder to make sure that they don't go hungry! Our in the moment planning has seen us making our own dinosaur eggs in the sand, building jails outside and finding out more about Tigers as Joshua said he could bring in a real one from home! All in all, a very busy week!

A selection of photographs from our Autumn treasure hunts!

Welcome to Reception!


Hi everyone, our time in Reception is so much fun!  This page is to share photographs and information to reflect our love of learning. I will update it each week and add additional information about upcoming events.

Super class rainbow Party! 

Thank you to our fabulous parents for the food contributions, we have made up goodie bags as we had lots of leftovers!  We had a great time dancing and singing!

Nurse Visit- 13.7.16

We had a special visit from Nurse Katie to find out how to keep ourselves healthy. She brought a team of student nurses who talked to the children about the equipment they use and what it is for. The children had a fabulous time and showed off their best Gilded Hollins behaviour!

India week was amazing!

The children really enjoyed taking part in drumming, Indian dancing, special art and modelling with clay. We also learned about Indian Food and designed our own menus.

What a busy June we had! We finished off our theme of growing by looking after 6 Caterpillars that the Stickman sent us. They turned into beautiful Butterflies and we released them at Pennington Flash. We celebrated the Queens 90th birthday by having a traditional tea party in the hall with scones and sandwiches, it was great fun! We visited Underwater Street in Liverpool and tried and tested lots of gadgets. We took part in a Science show and made lots of things to take home.

After half term we started a new theme 'What is it like to be a hero?' We have talked about the hero's in our life and who we admire. We have met Lucy the fire dog who sniffs out the cause of a fire and also had a great visit to the Fire Station where we looked at the engines up close and found out what kind of jobs Firemen go to. PC Bradbury came in to see us last week to show us the type of things that Police Officers use.

18.5.16- Here is a slideshow of our current learning.... as you can see we have been really busy!

We have been growing Sunflowers and Ladybird Poppies. You will never believe the size of our Potatoes, have a look at Tabitha observing them in the photo. We have enjoyed learning about how a remote control car works and using our motor skills to steer it around the cone. We have looked at time this week and the children are really getting the hang of when it is dinner time and home time on our big clock! They made some fantastic watches with split pins to make the hour and minute hand move. Today we played Scientists and the children made lots of predictions about changing the colour of cream Carnations!...Watch this space!


The last two weeks have been fun! Our 'Race to Rio' has started and children are enjoying reading at home to move their aeroplane. Children who had reached 100 air miles received a badge on Friday, lots of other children are well on their way to their badge this week. Laken made it on to our family tree for having 'self belief' this week in order to achieve his next steps- Well done Laken! Amelia showed off her medal for running 2K with her Grandad for charity...without stopping! We are all very proud of her. The children took part on some sports day practise, they were all great team players. We have used our IPADS to look at Minibeasts in detail, the children had lots to say and it inspired some descriptive writing. There have been lots of great examples of self initiated play happening this week- please see our slideshow. The children made an actual train on tracks outdoors, they covered every single area of learning and were well and truly motivated- especially when they were given real money to spend! We looked at capacity last which inspired us to fit all sorts of objects of every shape and size into boxes, buckets and jugs from around the room (even sand in socks!) The Stickman sent us a special gift from the forest...5 live caterpillars. We are currently feeding them up so they can get comfy in their cocoons and become beautiful butterflies. Stickman requested that we release them in Pennington Flash, watch this space! smiley

22.4.16- Camilla made an excellent hedgehog at home from a potato, matchsticks and loom bands...we just had to have a go! PE was fun in the sunshine this week,we showed off our hopping, jumping and throwing skills and then had a go at controlling the bat and ball! We experimented with length in maths and made Caterpillars like the ones we spotted at Delamere Forest to compare length and weight.

19.4.16- We all had a wonderful time at Delamere Forest. We were blessed with lovely weather and even lovelier children! We found the 'Stick Man' and had fun making dens, nature bracelets and mini stick men! See of you can spot the photographs that the children took themselves! Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us, we really appreciate your help and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

12.4.16- We have had a great first week back! We have been learning about sticks, how we might use them and how animals could use them. The children came up with some fabulous ideas in our discussion. They particularly enjoyed learning about how Crocodiles use sticks...and enjoyed acting this out even more! We have read the story of 'The Stick Man' in preparation for our trip to Delamere Forest on Tuesday. The children wanted to make their own 'pooh sticks' game from the book, they built a bridge and had a race to see whose stick made it to the other end first! Our moving and handling skills were put to the test as the children created their own Gymnastic club. The children enjoyed sharing their busy books from over the holidays, thank you to parents for supporting your children with this. A Snail came to visit us at the creative station outdoors, he was super impressed with our 'stick ideas.' We made a variety of magic stick wands, stick man books and family trees. In Maths we have been measuring everything we could touch! We enjoyed using tape measures, large rulers and scales to compare height and weight. We bumped into some Bee-Bots, they were lost and needed to find their way home, lucky for them Reception children were there to help! We also used the camera to take selfies! The children were very knowledgable about selfie sticks and which button to press to switch the camera around on the Ipad.

22.3.16- We had fun celebrating Easter. We cut out our own egg and decorated it independently for our cards. We also decorated eggs at home for the School competition. Erynn came first with her Frozen egg and Cara came second with her mouse egg. Well done to all the children who entered, they were all fabulous! We enjoyed learning about why we celebrate Easter and tasted some Hot cross buns.

17.3.16- We became quite fascinated with Potatoes this week! We decided to grow some in our planter, we planted 12 altogether. We learned about different kinds of potatoes, where they grow, how they feel and had fun with potoatoes as part of out homework. Here are a few snapshots of our learning...

17.3.16- A slideshow to show our busy week in Reception... It is safe to say we have made the most of the good weather!

Celebrations! Oliver won the first prize for his 'Mad Science' poster and Carys was the runner up. The winners were chosen by Mrs Haworth, our Chair of Governers. Both children recieved a prize for their fabulous effort. Laken had brought a 'Star of the Day' sticker that he got from swimming and Jacob won a spot on our family tree for his 'love of learning' and putting 100% into everything. Well done to all of the children who celebrated an achievement this week.

9th March 2016- Mad Science! The children have enjoyed predicting, investigating and joining in some whole school fun this week. We looked carefully at an Iceberg that Mrs Bradbury found at Pennington Flash. Trapped inside was Steve from Minecraft, a car, a frog and Princess Belle. We decided on a fair test and predicted the quickest way to rescue them, either with hot water or using heat from a hairdryer. We had great fun cheering for our team (and making wind with the hairdryer!) The Princess and the frog were rescued first after being blasted with heat from the hairdryer. We then enjoyed a visit from the Quantam Theatre where we explored growth. We were delighted afterwards to find the water in the tray outside had frozen creating a large Iceberg. We broke it using tools and independently decided on a second experiment to see how long it would take to melt in the sun...all afternoon! We manipulated plasticine to explore weight, shape and size. We tested these out in water to see which one held the most marbles. 'Atomic Amelia' was invited up in Assembly to take part in some 'mad science.' She listened very well to instructions in order to blast the rocket!

5th March 2016- Open ended learning

5th March 2016- Exploring number problems...

3rd March 2016- We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. The children looked amazing in their costumes! We enjoyed a story from our Governer Mrs Boardman and a parade in Assembly. Tabitha won the best costume award for Norman the snail- well done!

2nd March 2016- We were joined by the Junior Chef's team on Wednesday to make a Banofee treat! We all used tools for purpose and talked about textures as we mixed ingredients. We covered some important skills such as following instructions, sharing and taking turns and showing good listening and attention skills.

On Tuesday 1st March we visited Leigh Library to watch a production of Handa's Hen. We travelled on the bus and walked through the town centre, crossing busy roads safely and following instructions. The performance was excellent and we joined in counting the animals that Handa met along the way. We even got to have a closer look at some of the props after it finished. Thank you again to the parents who were able to come along.

9th Febraurty 2016- Following our visit to the Chinese Restaurant, Mrs Bradbury brought in a large box. We discussed the Dragon heads we had seen on videos and the picture of the Dragon in the Chinese. The children soon got to work to create their very own Dragon. They all worked co-operatively, suggested ideas and thought carefully about colour and function. They decided on bubble wrap for his wings and guess what...when we arrived back in school after the weekend, the Dragon had flown away! We hope to hear from him soon! :-)

Monday 8th February- Reception class visited 'Imperial Court' in Lowton to celebrate Chinese New Year. We travelled on the bus safely and followed intructions well. We enjoyed a two course meal using chop sticks and opened fortune cookies. A great afternoon was had by all. Thank you to the parents who joined us, we appreciate your help and support.

1st February 2016- To celebrate National Storytelling week we had a visit from Rogan Mills,a professional Storyteller. Rogan worked with Reception and Year one and delivered a parent workshop on the importance of storytelling. As you can see from the photographs we had lots of fun!