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P.E. Subject Leadership

Our aim is to encourage a culture of being healthy and active through participation in physical activity. Children of all abilities should work together, show resilience and look to challenge themselves to improve with competitive opportunities in a range of sports being provided.


At Gilded Hollins, all pupils are taught PE, whatever their ability, gender, cultural backgrounds or individual needs as sensitivity and respect is shown towards diversity.  Throughout school, PE is allocated to 2 hours curriculum time per year group. The total amount of time that pupils take part in PE and physical activities within a week currently exceeds National targets. The schemes used to teach PE are Real PE (skill development based) and PE Academy (specialist coaching based on specific sports). As well as participating in PE lessons, all pupils are encouraged use the ‘Daily Mile’ track on non-PE days. This allows children to set and aim to beat a personal best and/or include their general fitness in a social environment. Aimed at maintaining a high level of well-being also, ‘Daily Mile’ time accounts for a further 45 minutes per week of physical activity. Furthermore, pupils from Year 6 are involved in organising, umpiring and officiating school sport fixtures as well as promoting a culture of participation and competition across school. This comes in the form of captains for specific sports and Sports' Leaders.


For the 2022-23 year and beyond, Mrs Holman (KS2) and Mrs McGill (KS1) have been internally employed as key stage specific HLTAs and will teach the sport specific PE alongside a qualified coach (PE Academy) during PPA focusing on the development of sport specific skills in a game context during an hour slot per week. This allows the HLTAs to assess skills on a lesson by lesson basis and adjust their support to the needs of the group, e.g. Pupil Premium, SEND, low ability, competition preparation, etc. Funding for this service comes from the Sport Premium budget and is considered an enhancement as targeted support is provided where necessary in lessons based on the specific needs of the children dependent on the sport. Topics run through each year group which has allowed the Subject Lead to ensure clear progression of skills through sports and year groups. Both Mrs Holman and Mrs McGill along with PE Academy staff will continue to assess each lesson (dependent on the scheme of work) and feed back this information to Mr Taylor and class teachers as and when necessary. Mr Taylor meets with Mrs Holman and Mrs McGill once a half term to ensure the subject progresses. Recent priorities have been SEN provision, highlighting target children who are in need of social skills and signposting children to external clubs.


In October 2017, whole staff PE training was delivered by real PE. Alternatively, Real PE focuses on the development of agility, balance, coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. The aim of this is the enhance the all round fundamental skills and attitudes of a sportsperson in preparation for a range of sporting situations. Sports Premium funds previously ensured that every class teacher received (at the time of beginning the scheme) 6 hours of training from Real PE, over two twilight sessions. In addition to this, the PE subject leader, Mr Taylor has received 3 days of subject leader training, in accordance with new role in 2018-19. This gave him an insight into the assessment, self-challenge and coaching principles that Real PE aims to encourage the children to become all-round sportspeople, which was then fed back to staff. The scheme covers EYFS-Y6 and includes lesson planning, assessment materials, music and differentiated skill cards. Mr Taylor will train any new staff from this point in Real PE so that they are able to deliver it to a high standard when necessary. Children are assessed on their progression through these key skills with particularly challenging skills for the most able whilst also providing a ‘low floor’ approach to skills so that every child succeeds within a lesson. This side of the curriculum is delivered by the class teacher.


Swimming and water safety will take place over a three-year period in blocks of 10 weeks per year.  For children, swimming lessons will begin in Year 2 and continue through to Year 4.  For school, the autumn term is reserved for Year 4, spring for Year 3 and summer for Year 2.  Cycling Proficiency is delivered to Year 5 pupils through the ‘Bikeability’ scheme, with Reception children also receiving a taster session using balance bikes. In Year 5, a progressive scheme is delivered too to ensure children are given road safety skills. Children are able to work towards level 1 and level 2 which can then be added to at high school.


Additional Opportunities


Gilded Hollins has strong links with the School Sports Co-Ordinators (SSCOs) at Lowton Church of England High School (Sharon Walls) and Dean Trust Wigan (Cathy Robinson). At Gilded Hollins, we are committed to participating in the festivals, leagues and competitive fixtures organised within and for the Lowton and Golborne Partnership, providing effective pathways for progression.  From the academic year 2017-18, Gilded Hollins have competed within LLG. This means that each festival will have a higher number of entrants, but also that a higher number of schools will be taken through to the next rounds. At Gilded Hollins, we will continue enter a B team where possible to ensure more children are given the opportunity to compete.  Furthermore, we will continue to endeavour to enter competitions that allow children to experience and compete in sports that are new to them, e.g. orienteering and curling which have been entered over the last few years. In addition to this, school based clubs will aim to give yet more opportunities whilst we will signpost children to clubs outside of club if we see that they have made good progress within a sport.


Gilded Hollins offer provision for a range of physical activities at the end of the school day for pupils from EYFS to Year 6.  Every week, there is at least one club for each phase within the school, led by either teaching staff or PE Academy. This includes clubs specifically aimed towards school teams or a ‘Change4Life’ club which aims to encourage children to encourage in sport who don’t at home. This can also be used to improve fundamental skills, social skills and build friendships. Gilded Hollins participate in the LLG football league and LLG rugby league (organised by the PE Subject Lead), playing competitive fixtures on a weekly basis. Andy from Lancashire Cricket Board and Tim from Leigh Cricket Club provide specialist coaching during curriculum time during the summer term. Details of current club activities are sent to parents at regular intervals through newsletters, Twitter (X) and Seesaw, a closed app based communication system. This also allows school to make strong links outside of school, e.g. Leigh Community Trust, Leigh Cricket Club, Leigh United FC and Leigh Leopards.


Subject leader, Mr Taylor, keeps a record of all children from EYFS – Year 6 that participate in extra curricular sporting activities.  Those that do not take part or are identified by teachers to be underperforming towards the A.R.Es are given opportunities to compete in specifically designed participation days such as the ‘Action Activities Day’ or ‘The Highland Games’. These days are arranged by the SSCOs and enable children to compete at their own level.  In addition to this, these children are invited to our Change4Life club. Run by PE Academy staff on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch times, afore mentioned target children are given the opportunity to develop PE skills in a small group and discuss how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. This club also looks to help those with social skills and behavioural needs as well as physical needs.


Our current practice ensures pupils have a range of opportunities in which to develop and celebrate their skills and talents in addition to fostering the ‘Spirit of the Games’.  The Spirit of the Games is the term used when children display honesty, teamwork, self-belief, passion, determination and respect. Team captains give match reports in assemblies and award someone on their team with a ‘Spirit of the Game’. Furthermore, these captain publish a match report on the ‘PE Curriculum Subject’ section on the school website. Furthermore, we display a fixtures board so that children can keep up to date with results from our football and rugby leagues along with a board showing what is going on in the world regarding sport.  We have a group of Sports Leaders in place who work in partnership with subject leader, Mr Taylor to improve P.E by organising equipment, choosing after school clubs, advertising/reporting on sporting events, fundraising for new kits/equipment, officiating intra school competitions and collecting awards. They will further their involvement this year by attending school sports clubs to pass on their knowledge and further aid the development of skills within sessions. In addition, sports captains record video blogs to the school website detailing recent results in football and rugby league.


Areas taught across the school:









(Mr Taylor)


(Mrs Holman)







(PE Academy)


(PE Academy)





(Mrs Stopforth)



(PE Academy)


(PE Academy)





(Miss Martin)



(PE Academy)


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(PE Academy)


(Mr Rushton)


(Miss Martin)

     Y2, Y3 and Y4 swim for 10 weeks each on a Friday PM




The HLTAs/PE Academy staff/class teachers assess pupils’ performance in PE by making judgements as they observe them working during lessons. Individual learning outcomes have been assigned to each block of work which have been generated from the over-arching objectives set out in the National Curriculum. In Real PE lessons, teachers assess against the progression of key skills.  At the end of each term, teachers use these assessments to inform Insight. This will enable teachers to identify which pupils are below, working towards, lower expected, upper expected or greater depth within the expectations of their year group. Those that are not working at the expected standards or deemed inactive/in need of a social skills intervention will be invited to the Change4Life clubs during the school day. Those that are exceeding will be invited to the after school clubs designated for school teams. All children are directed towards external clubs after being enthused by a particular block. In line with national guidelines, pupils will learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success, compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best. Pupils will also assess their ability to collaborate, communicate and compete in an efficient and respectful manner.


Adaptation and Inclusivity


Weekly assessments inform future planning and target children. Future lessons are adapted to meet individual needs using the S.T.E.P approach. 


S – Space Increasing or decreasing the area in which a task is performed.  Eg dribbling a football around cones that are close together to challenge or further apart to support.  When scoring points, changing the distance, height or width of the goal.


T – Task  Modify the task by changing the rules. Eg using non-dominant hand or leg to challenge or using two hands to support.  Increasing or decreasing the time or the number of times a task must be completed within the time.


E – Equipment  Modify the equipment. Eg using smaller or harder balls to challenge, larger, brighter and softer balls to support. Using batting tees to support or changing size of the target.


P – People  Modify the people involved.  Having bigger teams, smaller teams, more/fewer defenders.  Working alone, acting as a leader, an officiator etc.


Monitoring, evaluation and review:


Planning is of a high standard overall, and shows clear objectives and outcomes with good use of a range of resources and techniques. Planning is accessed through OneDrive and includes drawings of how the area will be set out. Mr Taylor views this planning on regular basis.


P.E Subject lead, Mr Taylor, attends a CPD and networking day for Wigan East schools every year.  Agenda items include monitoring and assessing pupil progress and how to effectively spend the sports premium funding, which is then shared with the whole staff.


Pupil Voice:


“I'm one of the football captains and I love the responsibility and pressure of if we win or lose!” (Y6)

“My biggest achievement this year has been getting onto the rugby team and winning the John Woods Trophy!” (Y4)

“We do PE twice a week but doing The Daily Mile is my favourite because it keeps you fit and healthy!” (Y3)

“I want to be on the football team when I’m older because I see the Year 6s standing up in assembly and I want to be up there!” (Y2)





In Year 1 and 2, most children are working within ARE and all children made good or better progress in the previous year.  Those achieved below the expected standard will be targeted through Change 4 Life clubs run by PE Academy staff. There are currently no children on the gifted and talented register, as abilities can change as children grow however in Year 2, we have children who have potential to make this standard in football and rugby. We are aware this through observations in PE sessions and participation in extra-curricular clubs and those outside of school.


Lower KS2

In the current Year 3, most children are working within ARE. Year 4 sees a high proportion of the class attend Change4Life for life club in order to improve social skills or boost involvement in extra-curricular school sport whilst 2 children have joined the Gifted and Talented register for rugby league. The afore mentioned children will continue to attend to Change4Life and their participation will be monitored closely as the year goes on. 


Upper KS2

In the current Year 5, most children are working within ARE. To develop social skills and encourage age appropriate behaviours certain children are targeted in the Change4Life lunch time club and PE Academy staff targets them in lessons, liasing regularly with Mr Taylor (class teacher) about their progress.  There are currently 0 children on the Gifted and Talented register for PE although one is considered so for motorbiking outside of school.


In the current Year 6, the vast majority of children are working within ARE. Around half of these children participate in school team training and competitive weekly fixtures in either (or all) netball, football and rugby.  They are challenged in class through skills progression and PB competitions. There are 9 children on the school’s Gifted and Talented register for PE (including football and cross country) whilst the class also contains a number of impressive all-round sportspeople.


Of the children in the previous Year 6 cohorts, three were signed for clubs: Blackburn Rovers (football) and Warrington Wolves (rugby league)(both girls) and Morecambe (football) whilst another boy rides motorbikes for the Cuna Motocross team based in Spain.


Where to now? Recent developments, highlights and priorities for future developments (2023-24):


A particular highlight has been maintained our Platinum School Games Mark for a 6th consecutive year.

- This proves that our pupils are taught to foster a love of sport and are given ample opportunities to develop their fitness, skills and techniques through a wide range of sports at their level. 

- This award also recognises how our staff encourage pupils to lead healthy lifestyles outside of school by continuing our strong links with a number of local sports clubs.

- As subject lead, Mr Taylor endeavoured to retain this status in the years following the inaugural award in 2017-18.

- Of the 56 children who attended Change4Life Club during 2023-24, 65% went on to participate/compete in further sport which shows the positive impact that it is having around school.


Participation during 2023-24:

  • Football league (weekly matches in Autumn Year 5/6 mixed)
  • Full Contact Rugby League (weekly matches in Spring/Summer Year 4/5/6 mixed)
  • High 5/Netball (weekly training)


  • Football (Year 6 after school club)
  • Tag Rugby (1 team: Year 5/6)
  • Hockey (1 team: Year 6) 
  • Basketball (1 team: Year 6)
  • Rounders (1 team: Year 6) Winners!
  • Intra Cross Country (Year 3/4/5/6 Mixed)
  • Inter Cross Country (Year 3/4/5/6) Year 5/6 Boys Winners!
  • Indoor Athletics (2 large teams from Year 5/6 - 1 x competitive and 1 x development)
  • Athletics Participation (1 team: Year 3)
  • Participation Event (including sports such as climbing, skateboarding and abseiling (1 team: Year 5)
  • Highland Games (1 team: Year 5)
  • Reception Festival (Whole Class: Reception)
  • Orienteering (1 team: Year 5)
  • Girls’ Cricket (1 team: Year 4/5/6)
  • Mixed Cricket (1 team: Year 5/6)
  • Dodgeball (1 team: Year 4)
  • Curling (1 team: Year 2)


  • After School Clubs twice weekly by Academy of Sports:

Autumn: Dance, Football, Dodgeball (KS1), Dodgeball, Football (KS2)

Spring:  Multi-Skills (KS1), Basketball, Athletics (KS2)

Summer: Summer Games, Athletics (KS1), Summer Games, Athletics (KS2)


Progress towards priorities:

  • Raised the profile of the ‘Spirit of the Games’ through School Sports Crew, newsletter, website video blog, Seesaw and Twitter.
  • Change4Life Club having impact in encouraging children to partake in extra-curricular sport after attending.
  • Good links with external clubs including Lancashire CC, Leopards, Leigh United FC.
  • High participation numbers within extra-curricular sport (Autumn:175%, Spring: 184% Summer: 139%


Actions for 2024-25:

  • Raise the profile of girls’ sport in school particularly the inclusion of girls in sports that are predominantly dominated by boys.

- Enter girl specific competitions where possible and run girl specific clubs to boost confidence and involvement from girls in sport.

- Monitor girls' participation and signpost clubs and opportunities where possible.

  • Maintain high participation rates across school in extra curricular sport.

- Continue to provide a range of opportunities for all year groups involving members of staff, parents and external clubs where possible.

  • Continue to attend range of events to ensure participation and competition entering B/C teams where possible.

- Staff, transport and preparation time dependent, take as many opportunities (in school and outside of school) to involve the children in physical activity and sport.

  • Achieve Platinum School Games Mark/maintain standards to achieve Platinum School Games Mark.

- Work towards School Games key indicators and Sport Premium key indicators to ensure standards of previous years are met.

  • Provide more participation and competitive opportunities for KS1.

​​​​​​​- Enter KS1 competitions where possible.

- Provide a range of clubs and opportunities in school for KS1 to participate in organised physical activity. 

- Use sports' leaders and playleaders to engage KS1 in physical activity to provide them for more opportunities in KS2.

  • Implement use of orienteering course around school.

​​​​​​​- Orienteering signage has been purchased and the school has been mapped from above.

- Our next step is to set up multiple courses around school at various levels of difficulty and use when appropriate.

  • Further increase the role of sports' captains and sports' leaders around school.

​​​​​​​- Utilise sports' captains and leaders to promote physical activity and sporting values in KS1.

- Give captains and leaders more responsibility around promotion of sport and physical activity regarding displays, school website and school newsletter. This will come through interactive match reports, maintenance of Spirit of the Games wristbands system and and tips to stay healthy and active on the school newsletter.

  • Develop structures around delivery of PE in accordance with HLTAs, class teachers and PE Academy staff.

​​​​​​​- Maintain communication with HLTAs to ensure subject and delivery of curriculum develops.

- Have half termly meetings with clear focus to ensure changes are implemented and evaluated. 

- Feedback maintained between subject lead, HLTAs and PE Academy staff.

At Gilded Hollins, we appreciate children for displaying School Games sporting values in sport and physical activity. Sports’ leaders, captains and staff recognise these values and present their team member with a wristband which they wear with pride.


Determination HonestyPassionSelf-BeliefTeamworkRespect

George (Y4)

Holly (Y4)

Annabelle (Y6)

Josh R (Y6)

Jacob (Y6)

Luca (Y6)

Freddie (Y6)

Hannah (Y4)

Lucas (Y6)

Olly (Y4)

Briyah (Y4)

Poppy (Y4)

Thomas (Y4)

Josh R (Y4)

Iris (Y5)

Josh W (Y6)

Riley (Y6)

Mahaling (Y4)

Daisy (Y4)

Nayah (Y6)

Tommy B (Y6)

Ava (Y6)

Ethan (Y6)

Daniel (Y6)

Mila (Y2)

Faye (Y2)

George HB (Y2)

Zac (Y2)

April (Y4)

Joel (Y4)

Harry (Y6)

Oliver (Y6)

Isaac (Y6)

Jess (Y4)

Thomas (Y4)

Darcy (Y6)

William (Y6)

Austin (Y6)

Recently, we received a finalist award for the Martin Lynn Commitment to PE and Sport School Award!

Gilded Hollins’ Sports Captains

Here are our sports captains and leaders for this year!




Gilded Hollins' Sports Kits

Thank you so much to one of our wonderful parents for sponsoring our new brilliant football kit from Swaz Teamwear. Check out Pinnacle Signs and Print for more details! (left)

After successfully designing the Leigh Centurions warm-up top for the 2021 Betfred Super League season, Leigh Centurions, Leigh Community Trust and Ellgren have provided with an amazing new rugby kit! (right)

Key Stage 1 Results:

Red Team 🔴 102 points

Blue Team 🔵 77 points

Yellow Team 🟡 66 points 

Green Team 🟢 58 points


Key Stage 2 Results:

Red Team 🔴 75 points

Blue Team 🔵 74 points

Yellow Team 🟡 82 points 

Green Team 🟢 57 points



1st - Red Team 🔴 177 points

2nd - Blue Team 🔵 151 points

3rd - Yellow Team 🟡 148 points

4th - Green Team 🟢 105 points

P.E at Gilded Hollins

Extra Curricular Sport 2023-24

We were recently visited by James Ball (Team GB Paralympic cyclist) who delivered an inspirational assembly and helped engage the children in physical activity!

In Year 4, our children are given the opportunity to put their physical and social PE skills into practise at outward bound/residential settings.

In Year 6, our children are given the opportunity to put their physical and social PE skills into practise at outward bound/residential settings.