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Update for week beg 12.10.15

Dear Parent / Carer,


As I am sure you are aware, work has been taking place at Gilded Hollins over recent days to extract an old air handling unit from the roof space, remove ducting and build a new section of ceiling. A deep clean of the entire building has also been completed.

We have also been awaiting the results of various air quality and bacterial tests carried out around school. Those results were finally received this Wednesday afternoon (a week later than originally promised). Having spent a large part of yesterday working through the data, then liaising with Mr Ian Jones (Chair of the Governors’ Building Sub-Committee) and subsequently meeting during the evening with Mrs Haworth (our Chair of Governors) the decision has been made to remain at Lowton CE High School for at least a further week.

As we have stated before, this is never a decision to be taken lightly. The reason we are not able to re-occupy school just yet is that we feel some of the air analysis results require further investigation. This will obviously take time.

We appreciate how supportive and understanding parents, children, staff and Governors have been throughout this process. Like you, we want to return to Gilded Hollins, but will only do so when we are 100% certain the building is safe for your children and our staff.

Our continued thanks to Mr Pollard and his all staff at Lowton CE High School, and also to Lowton J and I School for allowing use of their kitchen. All the help we have received is very much appreciated.