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Time Capsule 1918

As part of the centenary commemorations marking the end of the First World War, we enjoyed a visit by the Arty Fact Theatre Company on Wednesday 19th September with their production, 'Time Capsule 1918'. All the children were enthralled by a story that began in the present day with the uncovering of a 100 year old box. We were soon transported back in time to meet a 'Tommy' soldier and his nurse sweetheart, and we followed their adventures through the war. It was great show with period songs, artefacts - including an old gramophone player - and lots of detail from history, such as the 'Timber Tommies' used to fool the enemy that they were facing more soldiers than were really in the trenches, to the work of the nurses at the front line, and the story of bravery medals awarded to carrier pigeons!