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Maths Subject Leadership

We are proud of how we have seen our children develop and grow into mathematicians, who have represented our school in reasoning competitions.  Each lesson starts with a problem, encouraging the children to draw upon basic skills and previous knowledge to work through the problem.  They work through each unit using a CPA approach.  At the beginning of the unit, children make links by using concrete resources.  This allows the children to visualise how to approach the problem and they translate this into a picture (pictorial approach).  From here, children begin to explore their visualisations as formal methods, an abstract approach.  This approach provides support for all learners so by the end of the unit, they are able to solve problems without the need for equipment.  As problem skills develop, bar models are used as a visual representation.


Alongside our maths lessons, fluency sessions take place where children can consolidate and develop fluency and pace by using formal written methods and times tables.  We believe and are passionate about providing opportunities for children to make connections, recognise patterns and develop number sense.  Children are keen to widen and deepen their thinking by reasoning and justifying their mathematical ideas.

Maths at Gilded Hollins

Y1 - Representing numbers in different ways
Y1 - concrete to pictorial
Y1 - Ten Frames
Y1 - Representing numbers in different ways
Y2 - Base ten to support regrouping.
Y2 - Building pictograms.
Y2 - Division / sharing equally.
Y2 - Exchanging coins.
Y2 - Division / sharing equally.
Y2 - Measuring length.
Y2 - Mass.
Y2 - Building bar models.
Y4 - Base 10
Y4 - Bar Modelling
Y4 - Place Value Discs
Y4 - Fraction Walls
Y4 - Arrow Cards
Y5 - Place value
Y5 - Fractions
Y6 - Exploring area

Maths across the curriculum

Sorting materials in Science - Y1
Venn diagrams in Science - Y2
Adding up decimal scores - Y4
Using protractors in Art - Y4
Writing about Maths - Y6
Writing about Maths - Y6
Handling money in real life - Y6
Weighing ingredients for baking - Y6