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School Dinners

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How much are school dinners and how do I pay for them?


School dinners are £2.10 per day. Pupils do not have to have a school dinner every day: parents can instead inform the school office of selected days when they would like their child to have a dinner, e.g Mondays and Fridays.

All pupils in Reception Class, Year One and Year Two are entitled to a free school meal daily.


I want my child to have a packed lunch, what can I include in their lunchbox?


We are a 'Healthy School' and suggest items such as sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt, crackers, pasta, and healthy biscuits. Please do not include fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate bars.



From September 2017, Gilded Hollins will employ a new caterer - Catering Academy - for our school dinners. Please see below for more information, and the exciting menus coming soon!