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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Mr Rushton


Miss Linton

Spring Term

In science, we have been looking at plants and animals. We went to Pennington Flash, took pictures of plants and brought back a few twigs and leaves. Then, we created various types of art with the things that we found!

This term, the NSPCC came into school to talk to us about staying safe. It was really interesting listening to them and learning what to do in different situations.

We linked our Design Technology work to our Topic lessons and created vases which showed the siege of Baghdad at the end of the Islamic Golden Age!

In Maths we have been working with fractions. We found that it is easier to work with paper and counters first, then when we understand it, use numbers in our books .

Autumn Term

When looking at friction in science, we had to use our design skills to create boats and parachutes. We then recorded information about air resistance and upthrust as part of our investigation.

We have been programming Lego in computing. We found it a lot easier to program than to make the models!

In science, we have been finding out about how we age.

This term, we had our Harvest assembly. With only 4 days of rehearsal, we were nervous but it was perfect!

This term, we even had a sunny day! So, we decided to do our maths outside.

Our topic this term was USA. We all did research and creative homework to show what we had learned about each state. Some people even made cakes. Yum!

We have learned how to play volleyball in PE as well as hone our rugby skills.