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Year 2

2017 - 2018

Welcome to Year 2.  Here, you will find:


Class Teacher – Miss Fallon

Learning Support Assistant (Mondays to Thursdays) – Mrs King

Learning Support Assistant (Fridays) – Miss Thornton


Our class governors - Mrs Boardman and Mr Hatton


This half term, our learning challenge will be focused around these two questions:


How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?


Important Notices:


Maths and English homework is given out every Thursday.  Maths consist of an IXL task and times tables questions.  English homework may consist of a grammar, punctuation or reading activity.  In addition, there will be a handwriting activity.  2 lines of the handwriting activity should be completed.  All homework tasks should be completed and returned by the following Wednesday please.  Please make sure that you child's name is on the homework and that it is completely fully in pencil only.


Weekly spelling tests are every Thursday morning.  Please practise your spellings regularly at home.


Reading at home should be completed every night.  Please ask your children questions as they read to test their understanding of what they are reading.  Please complete the diary page to indicate what has been read.  Diaries to be brought in every day.


If possible, please order lunches before arriving at school.  This makes registration time quicker so that we can move on to our learning.


PE kits are needed every Wednesday.  Both indoor and outdoor PE kits are needed and must stay in school at all times as our timetable is flexible.


Please encourage your child to fill their water bottles at home.  This saves time so we can concentrate on our learning.  Water bottles must have a sports cap and be clear.  Only water is permitted.


Children are given one fruit snack per day.  You may want to pack an extra snack for our second break time.  All snacks must be fruit as we are a healthy eating school.


Please make sure all clothes items are labelled so that lost items can be given back to their owners.


Extra Work?


If you are keen to do some extra work, then things you could practise are:


Times tables – 2x, 5x, 10x e.g. 2 x 6 = 12, 6 x 2 = 12, 12 ÷ 6 = 2, 12 ÷ 2 = 6.


Common Exception Words for Y2– you must be able to spell them and read them.

See your child's learning journal on Seesaw for more pictures of work that your child has completed or awards that your child has won.

We went to Pennington Flash to identify different plants and trees in our local area. We looked at the different parts of trees and plants and discussed what they need to grow.

We created some paintings in the style of Lowry. This linked with our learning challenge as we able to see how our local city's landscape had changed over the last 100 years.

Friday 18th May 2018 - Royal Wedding Party - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 held a wedding party to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan. The children enjoyed making their own bunting, colouring, icing cakes, finger knitting, stitching, making friendship bracelets, playing on the timber trail, skipping and competing in javelin, bean bag and discus competitions.

Thursday 21st June - KS1 Games Day at Leigh Sports Village. The fencing team won a spirit of the games award (determination) and the athletics team came 3rd! Well done to all our teams today!

Thursday 5th July 2018 - New Brighton - As part of our seaside topic, we went to find out why people love to be by the seaside. We played footgolf, ate ice cream, explored the beach and sketched the lighthouse!

w/c 9th July 2018 - Greek Week - The children fully immersed themselves in the Greek language and culture. We had a special visitor who came in to teach Greek (numbers 1 to 10), we made and sampled Greek food, studied star constellations, learnt about Greek God and Goddess, we took part in the Olympics and made Olympic crowns and finally we performed our Greek dance.

Greek numbers from 1 to 10

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Songshare - 17th July 2018 - The children performed a series of songs at Robin Park with other schools from our local area.

Animal Train

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Boa Constrictor

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In The Jungle

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DT Puppets - 19th July 2018 - The children made puppets for their Punch and Judy show.