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Year 1

Curriculum Enhancement Year One


Autumn 2018



· Charanga music – We’re in the band! Children played percussion instruments and learnt about keeping a beat.

· The Beatles –finding out about famous people from the past. Researching their own family history asking grandparents and other family members about their musical memories.

· Gymnastic routines. Children participated in a Kurling competition at Leigh Sports Village.

· School councillors – whole class voted for their own representatives.

· Observational drawings using natural artefacts.

· Christmas tree decorating – each child brought a bauble in to decorate the school tree.

· Salt dough Christmas decorations for the Christmas Fayre.

· Breakfast with Santa.

· Christmas maths / colouring.

· Class shared The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, developed comprehension skills, recounts and information texts.

· Wild Wings visit – Owls of different breeds brought into school for the children to observe and learn about and compare.

· Science – exploring light and dark.

· Music – Comparing musical genres, listened and compared Vivaldi, big bands and The Beatles.

· Art –William Morris –made own printing blocks to experiment with printing repeated patterns and Christmas cards.

  • Computing – safely turning the computer on and off, completing simple drawing programmes and adding text to pictures.

Spring 2019


  • Continued as ongoing theme to explore VIvaldi’s Four Seasons and how they make us feel and their use of the weather and time of year.
  • Used the story of PInnochio as a starting point for many styles of writing.
  • Compared the original DIsney film to the book and looked for similarities and differences.
  • Used role play to recall the events chronologically.
  • Participated in an Old Toy Workshop, dressing in VIctorian clothes and playing with toys from the era, both original and replica.
  • Looked at how the materials used in Toy manufacturing has changed, learning the difference between man made and hand made toys.
  •  Used a range of materials to make joins and structures.
  • Designed  own toy with moving parts.
  • Enjoyed a visit from some of the children’s grandparents, sharing a variety of old and modern toys with each other.
  • Made celebratory cards - finding out about the reasons for celebrations such as Mother’s Day and Easter. 
  • In RE discussed what Christians believe and the EAster story.
  • Found out information about our local area including Pennington Flash and the mills in Leigh.
  • Investigated changes in children’s education, what school used to be like how things have improved.
  • Discovered the different types of jobs children had to do and learnt about the mills and local industry.
  • Investigated  how inventions such as the Spinning Jenny changed the cotton industry and learnt its importance to Leigh.
  • Investigated inventions such as the telephone and television and the impact they had on ordinary people’s lives.
  • PE - developed skills in football and tag rugby.
  • Continued to develop computing skills using the laptops and iPads.