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Good evening everybody,


We made it to the final day! We can’t believe how lucky we’ve been with the weather this week - we had another bright, mild and beautiful day today. We started the day with sausage butties before meeting to find out how we would all be spending our final full days. 


Langdale and Yewdale groups have done the same activities today. Langdale started with a walk to Cathedral Quarry this morning and visited Tilberthwaite Ghyll this afternoon. Yewdale group did the same activities in the other order. Both groups had brilliant fun and took up the opportunity to get really wet! Mrs Mair and I have both said how impressed we were with our groups today. 


In Langdale group, Alexander was awarded the respect wristband today. He has been absolutely amazing all week. He has shown respect to all of his peers, all staff, members of the public and the environment too. He has been an absolute pleasure to spend a week with. Tommy was awarded honesty for being confident enough to push himself when needed but also knowing his limits and when to stop. He has also been honest with his teammates when it’s been needed.


In Yewdale, Mrs Mair awarded the honesty wristband to Oliver for facing and overcoming some of his fears this week. Like Tommy, he has been able to be honest with himself about when he’s needed to push himself to make the most of the experience of being here. Mrs Mair also awarded Carys with a self belief wristband for the growth in her confidence this week. This was really clear to see during the ghyll scrambling today. 


Grizedale began the day with a spot of tree climbing which a few group members conquering their fear of heights. Some children made it right to the top of the trees but all really enjoyed the experience. Next, they headed out onto the lake in the canoes. They paddled all the way across the lake and had a picnic lunch. After returning to Thurston, some of the children jumped into the lake. Cold was an understatement! 


Spirit of the Games wristbands were awarded to Darius and Erynn for determination and passion respectively today. Darius has shown resilience to overcome his fears all week and hasn’t turned down any of the challenges that he has faced. Erynn has thrown herself into everything this week (literally)! She’s led and helped her peers and displayed enthusiasm in each activity that Grizedale have taken part in so far!


For our final evening meal, we had pizza and potato waffles. The children played a code-cracking game this evening before heading to the ruck shop to buy their souvenirs. 


In the morning, we will be packing cases ready to leave. We will finalise the tidy bedroom competition (it’s close so far!) and then go and do one final activity before leaving for home. We’re due to leave at approximately 1pm so we should be back for home time. 


See you all tomorrow,


Mrs Byrne x






Good evening everybody,


What another lovely day! Everybody had a good sleep last night so had lots of energy for today. The chef made bacon butties as part of breakfast today which made lots of people very happy.


Langdale had a day on site today. We started with canoeing on Coniston Water. It was too windy to paddle to the other side but we had a brilliant time paddling about and playing games on the water. After canoeing, the group split in half to do tree climbing and orienteering. The children loved both but they all felt such a sense of accomplishment after the climbing as every single child reached higher than they thought they could.


Our Spirit of the Games bands today were given for determination and teamwork. Teamwork was given to Lilly for being such a key part of our team. All week, Lilly has been such a kind, supportive and hardworking member of our team. She has really made all of us smile. Determination was given to Macie for really pushing herself to reach the top of the more challenging tree. She pushed through her fears and she was so proud of what she achieved. 


Grizedale tackled the ghyll today which was an experience to say the least. They had to use teamwork skills to navigate a route through the freezing-cold waters and slippery rocks. It was a real achievement that all of the children made it to end with smiles on their faces. After lunch, they were out on the lake for the first time in a rowing boat. A nice, restful afternoon after a hard morning… NOT! They rowed across Lake Coniston, stopped for a hot drink to watch the sunset and then rowed all the way back. What a day! 


Today, their Spirit of the Games wristband was awarded to Sienna for honesty. In the cold of the ghyll, she finally met her match but didn’t hide the fact that she found things tricky. Despite this, she ploughed on without any fuss and made it to the end.


Yewdale group had their mountain day today. They headed off to Raven Tor but due to the strong winds they didn’t make it all the way. They reached Low Water where they stopped for a scenic picnic. After lunch, they hiked to the pudding stone and then back into Coniston village. Yewdale were delighted when they found out they would be returning to Thurston on the motorised rib. Mrs Mair has said how proud she is of her group for the determination in quite cold weather conditions and how polite they were to all members of the public they passed.


Mrs Mair gave out two Spirit of the Games bands today. She gave respect to Jacob for being respectful towards his peers, the instructors, members of the public but also the environment. She also gave passion out today. This went to Luca for being extremely enthusiastic throughout the day. Luca was really interested in everything and he wanted to see, touch or know everything he possibly could!


We played a game called aliens this evening before having a mini quiz. The children are now all (finally) settled in bed getting some much needed sleep ready for tomorrow. 


See you all on Friday,


Mrs Byrne x





Good evening everybody, 


We have had another amazing day today. I am so unbelievably proud to be here with this group of children. The staff here have not stopped singing their praises and have said they would have us back every week if they could. You would not know it’s January with the weather we have had today. I will add a photo from the top of one of the hills under this blog to show you just how blue the sky was. It’s been an absolutely beautiful day; we hope it’s the same the other days too! We started the morning with breakfast and the children loaded up on lots of cereal, toast and tea to fuel them for their busy day ahead. 


My group, Langdale, had a little bit of a slow start today. We were all geared up sitting on the minibus ready to head out to the mountains when the minibus stopped working! We had to play a game on site while we waited for a replacement, but we weren’t waiting too long. We had a mountain day which started with climbing The Bell. We spent a good few hours walking around the hills in Coniston before walking down to the village. Because of the minibus situation, we had a rather exciting trip back to site. Andy, the site manager, came to collect us on a small motorised rib.


Today, I awarded self belief to Sophie. Sophie pushed herself today during our walk and she had a brilliant day because of it. I am so proud of how she has believed in herself enough to get stuck in with everything we’ve done today. 


Today, Grizedale intrepidly set off up to the summit of Everest (The Old Man of Coniston really!) with the weather on their side. It wasn’t an easy journey over slippery rocks and icy paths with a few tumbles along the way but eventually they made it to the top! The pain and suffering was worth it for the views when they got there! There was plenty of determination and resilience on show. This made Mr Taylor very proud of the children - some of whom achieved far more than they thought themselves capable of. I am sure you will hear a lot about this day when you pick up your children on Friday!


Grizedale were awarded two Spirit of the Games wristbands today. Firstly, Libby was awarded respect which was a popular choice within the group.  She most definitely had the respect of her peers as she put others above herself and was always there to lend a hand to those struggling. Next, self belief was awarded to Rylan who displayed all of our sporting values in a modest and assured way, backing himself to tackle the day’s challenges without any hesitation!


Yewdale had a day on site today; their minibus days are later in the week. They started their day with some canoeing on Coniston Water. Before they could get in the lake and set off, they had to work as a team to prepare the rafted canoes (two canoes joined together). After canoeing, they did some jetty jumping and had a swim in the lake. They have warned the rest of us about how cold it is! They spent their afternoon session doing some tree climbing on the grounds. Mrs Mair was blown away with how determined and resilient the children were to climb higher than they thought they could and trusting each other to hold the ropes at the bottom of the tree. 


Mrs Mair awarded a determination wristband today to Aaniya. Aaniya showed masses of determination during the tree climbing task. At a few points, she stopped as she was a little unsure if she wanted to carry on. However, because she was so determined to achieve the best she could, she did not give up. 


Our evening meal was a real winner with the children - pasta bolognaise with garlic bread and rice pudding for afters. After our evening meal, we played another big game of hide and seek. 


We’re hoping for another lovely day tomorrow!



Mrs Byrne x



Evening Meal


Good evening everybody,


Our first day at Thurston has been a really enjoyable one. Mrs Mair, Mr Taylor and I are all so proud of the class today. We know how nervous some of them were feeling this morning but they really have just cracked on since being here. We were also really proud because of some of the lovely comments made by the instructors too. The instructors have all said how impressed they are with the attitudes, manners and enthusiasm of the children.


The way this blog will be written each day will follow a similar format. There will be a general section, a section about each group, a section about the wristband winner(s) for each group and then photographs. 



Langdale (with me) - Jaxon, Alexander, Tommy, Louie, Amelia, Ruby, Jessica, Sophie, Macie, Cara & Lilly.

Grizedale (with Mr Taylor) - Freddie, Laken, Darius, Rylan, Sienna, Elena, Charlotte, Rebecca, Libby & Erynn.

Yewdale (with Mrs Mair) - Jacob, Oliver, Luca, Roby, Ava, Aaniya, Annabelle, Erin, Diana & Carys.


Langdale group started by heading down towards the lake and getting familiar with the grounds. After this, they went for a walk through the wood behind the site. We had a brilliant time and the children had the chance to get a bit wet in the stream which they loved. We walked back to Thurston and ended the afternoon with lots of rolling down a big on site.


Grizedale group set off on a ‘warm-up walk’ ready for tomorrow’s longer, more challenging trek. They trudged through icy-cold streams to prepare for the difficult ghyll they will scramble later in the week. There was plenty of teamwork and resilience on show as they made their way through the fog to the high point of the walk before returning back to Thurston. They ended the day ready to go again tomorrow! 


Yewdale group started their afternoon with skimming stones on the lake. This was followed with a walk through the back wood where the children played games involving sticks! Their instructor, Amy, talked to them about how Thurston is powered by a renewable energy source via a hydroelectric system. Like x group, Yewdale spent some of their afternoon with hill rolling… this was very popular! 


Today’s evening meal was a popular one - burger and chips with chocolate moose for pudding. After eating, the children were assigned jobs to do around the site for the week. The evening activity today was one of two halves. The first half was sorting some things for the week and the second was playing hide and seek. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how the bed making went. Thank you to those of you who obviously spent time practising this at home. The game of hide and seek was great fun. However, some of the children are far too loud to ever be good at that game! After the game, the children got changed into their PJs and had a drink and a biscuit before settling down to watch the first half of a film. 


Each day, at least one Spirit of the Games wristband will be awarded in each group. Today, Mr Taylor and Mrs Mair both chose to give out a wristband for teamwork in their groups. Mr Taylor gave his to Rebecca for going out of her way to help other members of the group make their way up the hill up the slippery hill. Mrs Mair gave hers to Erin for always being aware of her team around her and offering help to anybody who needed it. I chose to give out passion today. I gave it to Ruby for simply loving absolutely everything - she has had a permanent smile on her face all afternoon/evening.


Check back tomorrow to see what we’ve done on our first full day!



Mrs Byrne x 

Langdale Group

Grizedale Group

Yewdale Group (sorry there aren’t any good group ones - Mrs Mair’s iPad died 🤦🏻‍♀️)