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Mother’s Day Assembly


This years Mother’s Day is fast approaching and Year Six are under a lot of pressure to perform and sing well because last year’s assembly wowed everyone. Year Six are practising very hard so that it will go well on the day and everyone will be amazed.



On ThtThursday the 8th of February the High-Five team played ex-pupils at Gilded Hollins but unfunfortunately lost 5 nil. Their coach Mrs.Holman was very impressed with their teamwteamwork and even though they were losing they never gave up. They all supported each oeach other and were never mean to each other when they made a bad pass or didn’t score. score.The pressure was on since the ex-pupils had had lots of training over the years  years and was very good at playing however the team didn’t let that get to them and gave it gave it their all. Though they lost the team thought of it as a practice for upcoming gamesgames.

Real Page Turner At Gilded Hollins



Today marked the 22nd annual book day which is celebrated around the world and we made it very special here at Gilded Hollins Every year group had two winners one boy and one girl: Sienna and Louie from reception, Tabitha and Oliver from year one, Phoebe and Joe from year two, Lucas and Charlotte from year three, Colby and Leila from year four, Zack and Milly from year five and Katie and Evan from year six. To conclude today was fantastic also thanking you to the parents for the outfits.

By F.W and I.L.

We’ve Got Mothers’ Day Covered!


Year 6 have got Mothers’ Day covered! Handmade cards, wrapped red-roses and handmade bracelets go on sale on Monday the 13th of March and will be sold by the lovely Year 6 at break and lunchtime. Make sure you send some money in before the 24th of March, before Mothers’ Day! To be precise, the handmade cards cost £1, the cost of the handmade bracelets rises between 50p to £1 and wrapped red- roses cost £1. These will be sold by Year 6 to the infants and the juniors will be able to buy them outside the Year 6 classroom. Behind the table there will be a whiteboard saying what the prices are for the items on sale. The Mothers’ Day assembly, performed by Year 6, is on Friday the 24th of March, we hope their parents can make it!

Let’s Sing pays a visit to year six


On Tuesday the 24th of January, Keith Orrel, who works with the Wigan Music Service, came to rehearse some of the Let’s Sing songs with year six. The excitement that filled Year Six allowed them to sing their hearts out to lots of different tunes and songs. At the minute they are learning a lot of very hard songs, both fast and slow. Let’s Sing is a chance for children all different ages to express themselves and is a nice opportunity to take. They will be singing in front of hundreds of people and with fourteen other schools that are also from the Wigan borough, there will be solos, solo groups and lots of schools together. Tickets will be sold only to year six parents and there is a maximum of two tickets per family. As great deal, the tickets are free for year six parents, so if you would like to see your child in Let’s sing, the tickets are free so please do come!

 By Ella Bradbury


Cyber bullying week!


Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.The UK Safer Internet Centre – a partnership of three leading charities; Childnet, the South West Grid for Learning and the Internet Watch Foundation – provide resources for children, schools and families, and tools for getting involved at, Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over a hundred countries, coordinated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission, and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe. Our Year 6 teacher, Miss Whittaker, gave one of her classic assemblies, I didn’t attend , but it sounded very good and a lot of showmanship went into it. In class we have been watching videos and making posters to tell people to STOP bullying online. Other classes have done work about safety online as well.

Year 6 Mock S.A.T’s


Year 6 battled through their mock S.A.T’s from Thursday to Wednesday before the half term holiday. Even though everyone did very well, some pupils did exceptionally and were striving to greater depth and over expected. The children all worked hard whilst doing the tests in the hall and are now preparing for the real tests in May. They are fortunate to have sessions in the morning on maths and literacy for revision. Here’s some quotes of what the children thought,” I thought it was fun doing all the tests and I’m really happy with my scores,” quoted Katie F.

” I found it tricky and I was pleased when it finished,” quoted Ethan W.

” They’re a good idea to show you where you could make mistakes in the real tests,” quoted Anya P.

” It was very tense waiting for my scores but finding out what they were, was satisfying,” quoted Lily B.

There was a variety of questions, for example, if two bananas and three apples cost two pounds twenty-five, how much does one banana cost?

The children worked conscientiously throughout the week and are working on their mistakes to make sure they get it right next time. Wish us luck for the real S.A.T’s!


By Katie C Y6


Amazing Achievement For Anya



On Monday 16th January myself [ Anya from Year six] and my mum travelled to a ballet school in Chester named The Hammond School for Dance. I have been doing ballet since I was three with Zoe and Katie (also in Year six) at Apple Dance in Leigh; two years ago I managed to earn a place at The Royal Ballet Junior Associates in Manchester .Two years later I decided to audition for 3 dance schools –Elmhurst School ,The Hammond and White Lodge in London – I had one nock back but I used this to my advantage .Then I received a letter on the 19th January, this was an acceptance letter from the 4th best dance school in Europe The Hammond !!Also on this day I had an audition for white lodge , my mum had an email that I had got into the final twenty girls in the whole world and the 1st best dance school in Europe White Lodge !!!! Furthermore, I have to travel to Richmond Park in Surrey to compete for a place against nineteen girls; there are only twelve places for girls, so fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

The B Team’s Netball Match


Last week, the High Five B team played a match against All Saints but unfortunately they lost 5-nil. Mrs Holman, the netball coach, was particularly impressed with Matthew from year six because of his brilliant defending skills. She was also impressed with the rest of the team for their hard work and co-operation, as they were losing not one of them moaned, they kept on encouraging each other and never gave up! Whilst the tremendous team was playing, on the sideline mums and dads sat in the freezing cold supporting their little players. Also on the sideline was Ella and Ethan from year six’s Gilded Gazette club taking notes of the match and taking some fantastic photos. Overall the team were absolutely brilliant! Well done B team!


By Ella B, Year Six


                        PJ’S FOR PUDSEY


On Friday 18th November we took part in a well-loved event , Children in Need. We managed to raise a staggering  £304 (even without  year 6)! When we got back from an exhilarating week at PGL, we were stunned to see Mr Nash in his blue and white pyjamas, that was quite a sight As my class and I weren’t there on that Friday I decided to interview a Year Five pupil, Macy Smith, here is what she said :”Friday was a fantastic day , it started off with an assembly by Mr Nash on why we raise money and who we raise money for. This was followed by a day of fun work and lots of Pudsey jokes courtesy of Mr Rushton. The award for the best onesie goes to Mr Taylor for his fabulous minion interpretation .”We have took part in this event for all the years this school has been here. Over the years we have managed to raise over £1000 for the amazing charity!

Thank you for all your donations pupils of Gilded Hollins; Children in Need were very grateful!


By Anya Parfery

Year Three and Mr Taylor



The Royal British Legion


The Royal British Legion came to Gilded Hollins on Wednesday 19th November. They performed an assembly about the army and what the money does to help the injured soldiers and the families that have lost soldiers in war. We interviewed Keith Houghton MBE and asked him a few questions and he kindly gave us some brilliant answers.

What was the best bit about coming to Gilded Hollins?

It is always a pleasure to be invited to a school to talk about the work of the Royal British Legion and in particular the Poppy Appeal. Our branch members were impressed by the enthusiasm shown by all the pupils and the interest which was shown by the polite way in which our talk was received. Our visit was further enhanced when we were invited for questions by year six class. It was obvious that the children had listened and taken in what our message was about as the class asked interesting and diverse questions which is always a good sign that our visit is worthwhile. What were the conditions like in the army?

On first joining up, the training is extreme, you are put through your paces day and night, and this is for several good reasons. You have to be physically fit; through out your time in the forces you can be regularly required to carry packs of over fifty kilograms in addition to your personal rifle (four kilograms). You need to be mentally alert, even when exhausted. You will need to show inner strength and reserve under the worst conditions as not only your life depends on strict training, fitness and resolve , but the lives of the soldiers who are alongside you. On joining your unit after training , life gets easier, but fitness and working as a squad is still the normal , but by now you are allowed off barracks and can enjoy a social life , but inner discipline is still needed as getting into trouble (especially off camp) is severely punished . Conditions are generally good and if you play any sport, there is always a chance to play at any level. I personally was good at football and swimming,taking part in these in every Regiment I served in. He regularly had skiing holidays in Austria and Germany when he served there.Several times a year, he would go on “exercise” (the Americans call this manoeuvres) where they would practice their war roles. These could be in such diverse places as Canada, Australia Belize ( central America) Malawi and Kenya to mention a few. But whilst on exercise time would always be made for sport and recreation.Whilst all the above is true, this only accounts for a small amount of time whilst serving. Mostly (about 90%is just like a normal civilian day job. If you are married, you live in a house or flat on or near the barracks ,if single, you live in block accommodation within barracks .All service personal to work in all kinds of different jobs ( clerks ,mechanics, instructors, divers ). Training is always kept up, especially fitness ( P E twice or three times a week), education and learning is encouraged to gain promotion and some subjects are compulsory for obvious reasons such as first aid, weapon training and map reading.


By Katie Farrell

Thrilling Three Rocked Class Assembly!


As everyone has probably heard, our Year Three class surprised us with a perfect prehistoric performance. They have worked incredibly hard. They wore an array of their own home-made costumes which looked fabulous for their play about the early man which included: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They used a song from last year (‘Hard knock Life’ from the musical ‘Annie’) which they made their own and totally original by calling it Stone Age Life which went down a treat. As Mr Taylor is one of the new teachers and this was his first ever class assembly, he certainly felt the pressure! He told us, “This went very well but I was really nervous but it went just how I hoped it would!” A big well done to Year 3!

By Isabelle Lewis

Air Ambulance lands in school field



Year Six and the rest of Gilded Hollins were in for a real shock the other week as afternoon lessons came to an abrupt halt, they had only just started and to everyone’s surprise they heard a very strange noise coming from above the school. As students and teachers jumped out of their chairs to have a look at where this mysterious noise was coming from they noticed that a huge object was hovering above the school field… With everyone opened mouthed and rubbing their eyes what they saw was a huge blue and yellow air ambulance which looked like it was about to land! Mr Eckersley and Miss Whittaker joked that it might land on the field… But the joke somehow came true with the helicopter landing on the school field! Most students had a look around the helicopter as a treat because everyone was working so hard. It was safe to say that everyone was blown away by the helicopter!


By Ethan Woodward

Fantastic Four Beat Bullying!


    After weeks of hard work and practise Year Four wowed the rest of the school with a class assembly centred around the theme of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’, a massive national campaign targeting bullying in our schools.

     On Friday 25th November 2016 this wonderful class blew the audience away with their performance. Their theme was the much loved TV show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ and the questions were about anti-bullying and the host was Matthew Calland who was acting as Chris Tarrant the host of the show (who did a super acting job). At the end of the game show they talked about why we need to stop bullying and before their performance came to an end they all got into small groups and did a rap about their class assembly’s anti bullying theme. It was both entertaining and educating and as a school we learned so much about the importance of facing bullies and being good friends.

       Well done Year Four, you did a super job! If you would like any more information about ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ visit their website:


  By Isabelle Lewis Y6





                   On Thursday 24th November 4 Year 5 pupils visited the key 103 studios in Castlefield, Manchester. As Key103 are behind a new project called “Mission Christmas” which means that people from the general public donate money to key 103, then our school will buy gifts with that money to give to the less fortunate children of Greater Manchester.  It is important that these children receive presents because they are just as special as anyone else and they will be extremely grateful for something we would usually take for granted. It is also important they receive these gifts as they may have never celebrated Christmas, received presents or eaten a Christmas dinner. Codie Rigby, Harvey Hutchinson, Macy Smith and Rhea Schofield visited the studios to talk about Rhea and her mum who are buying the gifts. The children were on the radio (but not live as they were aired at 11:00am) and enjoyed the whole experience. It was a fun-filled day for a great cause and we can all learn something from it! Year Five definitely enjoyed being radio presenters for the day To give your donations to MISSION CHRISTMAS please contact  the Gilded Hollins School Office or visit the Key103 website.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Report written by Lily Brocklehurst

Wigan Warriors show us their silverware


On Tuesday the 22nd of November, our school rugby team was visited by the Wigan Warriors coaches, Tom and Hanna, and were also joined by the Rugby League Trophy. They were even lucky enough to touch it! I have interviewed them about the experience and how they felt about being part of such an amazing legacy. At the minute Wigan hold the trophy because of their successful match against Warrington Wolves and fantastic playing. The pupils who had the experience of being able to get close to the rugby league trophy was Thomas Bennett the rugby captain and the rest of the team: Evan Lewis, Callum Grundy, Freddie Berry, Ciaran Kniveton, Ethan Seddon, Christopher Wright, Francesca Wood, Charlie Evans, Noel Gardner, Keira Mayall, Harvey Hutchinson, Aaron Lythgoe, Matthew Voce and Ellie Ramsdale. I have interviewed them about the experience and how they felt about being part of such an amazing legacy. I asked them if they had ever had any bigger experiences such as this and Ciaran Kniveton told me that he felt honoured to be in that position and Freddie said that he felt proud because not many rugby fans have a chance like this one! The trophy is now safely back in the DW stadium.


Report by Ella Bradbury


       Christmas table decorations

   When year 6 decorated their tables there were lots  of fabulous entries and all of the infants sitting on everyone’s tables were shocked and amazed at how much effort each and every pupil put in to impress the people of the school . As the pupils were timed the finished results were excellent from every table.