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Spring 2

My Super World

During this half term, the children have loved exploring how amazing their own immediate world is. As part of our learning, we have looked at the stories: Supertato, Super Hero Like You, Sulwe and Juniper Jupiter. These stories inspired some brilliant writing with the children now improving in their sentence writing development. 


In maths, we looked at solidifying our learning in the numbers eight, nine and ten. This has allowed the children to embed their understandings of the numbers prior to this, to increase their engagement through fun activities and to improve their understandings of counting beyond twenty.


As part of our topic, My Super World, the children have had an array of opportunities to further their understanding of the world around them. The children looked at how plants grow, how vegetables grow, where they come from and then finally they tasted and gave their opinions on a variety of vegetables. After this, we investigated where the food comes from, who provides the food for us, then leading onto jobs in the community and around the world.


During the half term, we also had a visitor come in to introduce the children to some mini beasts, this led us onto our own minibeast hunt. It has been a brilliant half term and the children have loved their variety of different experience. 

Tasting Vegetables 

Creepy Crawly Man 


Bug Hunt

World Book Day