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Spring 1

Earth, Space and Beyond

Over this half term, the children have loved learning about the world around us, our own solar system and beyond. 


As part of our English work, we looked the stories: Aliens Love Underpants, Whatever Next, We Are Here and Man on the Moon. Each of these allowed the children to explore things beyond our own planet through fun drama activities, fun writing activities and exploring learning within provision. We even wrote a letter to Bob the Astronaut, he kindly wrote back and the children had a brilliant time responding to what he had to say. 


In maths, we looked at solidifying our learning in the numbers five, six and seven. We carried out a selection of investigations, activities, taught sessions and discussions around improving and deepening our understanding of those numbers.


As part of our topic, we explored the world and beyond through many different activities; the children created their own versions of Earth through using oil pastels, they created rockets using junk modelling and they created the moon using silver paint and scrunched up tinfoil as their painting tool. During this half term, we also investigated different cultures through our work on Chinese New Year, the children created their own Chinese lanterns, tasted food, read stories and did some Chinese inspired artwork. 


Oil Pastel Earths

Chinese New Year