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Spirit of the Games

Spirit of the Games Awards 2021-22


At Gilded Hollins, we reward children for displaying sporting values in competitive situations.  It is the job of the captains and staff to recognise these values and present their team player with a wristband, which they can wear with pride. 



Darius (Y6)

Macie (Y6)

Aaniya (Y6)

Freddie (Y6)

Sophie (Y6)

Elena (Y6)

Amelia (Y6)

Sienna (Y6)

Tommy (Y6)

Oliver (Y6)

Erynn (Y6)

Luca (Y6)

Ruby (Y6)

Mrs Merry 

Rylan (Y6)

Carys (Y6)

Sophie (Y6)

Riley (Y4)

Rebecca (Y6)

Lilly (Y6)

Erin (Y6)

Sebastien (Y3)

Libby (Y6)

Alexander (Y6)

Jacob (Y6)

Roby (Y6)

Evie (Y4)