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At Gilded Hollins we use the Soundswrite approach to the teaching of phonics. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants are trained for five consecutive days in how to deliver the programme. Soundswrite sessions take place on a daily basis in Key Stage One. Linked to Soundswrite is the Dandelion scheme of books that support each of the sounds learned. For further details please see the Reading Scheme page under the 'Our Curriculum' tab.




8th January 2018

Dear Parent / Carer,

A Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a wonderful festive season and are now looking forward to an exciting 12 months ahead.

I wanted to share with you about information about this half term’s reading miles competition. We’ve decided to link with Chinese New Year on Friday February 16th (the last day before the half term break) and so will be Walking the Wall.


Please find below details of the new format:


To make the rewards for reading more immediate, there will now be a weekly reading competition for each key stage. Reception Class and Years One and Two will compete against each other to see which class collects the most miles each week to walk along the Great Wall of China. Similarly, Years Three, Four, Five and Six will have their own contest. The winning class in each key stage will be given an additional 10 minutes’ play at the end of Friday lunch. The children from the other classes will return to their room at the usual time.


Thursday will become reading miles collection day so that results will be available for Friday’s assembly. Any child absent on Thursday will have their air miles added to their individual running total, but will not contribute to that week’s class competition. Similarly, any pupil forgetting their planner on Thursday will not contribute to the class total that week. However, their ongoing total towards their individual badge will include the days read that week.

A maximum of five reading days will count towards class and individual totals across the week. Of course, we would love our children to read seven days a week as fluency in reading is perhaps the biggest factor in making progress across the whole curriculum. However, we are only counting five reading days as we do not want to penalise children who may be busy at weekends, or certain evenings.


Confirmation in planners: We request that when signing the home school planner to confirm that 15 minutes’ reading has taken place, all parents write the title of the book alongside their signature. In Key Stage Two we request that parents also note the number of pages or chapters read.


Individual badges: Individual badges will be awarded for readers reaching 140 miles across the half term. Additionally, the first class team to reach the end of the wall will receive a reading trophy to keep for the half term ahead.


I do hope the above explains this half term’s contest and the rationale behind the tweaks we have made. As ever, please listen to your child read every day. The benefit to their education and continued progress will be immeasurable.


D Nash




To encourage our pupils to read for 15 minutes daily we also run a reading reward scheme, the latest of which (Autumn Term 2017) is entitled Journey to the Jurassic:

Reading: It is a national expectation that your child reads for 15 minutes every day. Reading is like any skill and practice makes perfect. To encourage our children to read we will be launching on Monday 18th September our ‘Journey to the Jurassic’. The competition will run along the same lines as last year’s Race to Rio and Boeing to Bimma. Air miles can be collected for reading for 15 minutes five times each week (a maximum of 25 miles weekly). Weekends can be set aside as time to catch up should any weekdays be missed.

How it works - Each time a pupil brings their planner signed by an adult to confirm they have completed their 15 minute daily read they will be awarded five air miles. These are recorded in class. As the days and weeks progress each pupil’s total number of air miles will accrue. Once a reader has reached 150 air miles they will win a coveted Scolosaurus badge to wear proudly around school. Daily reading checks will be carried out by volunteers chosen to be Passport Controllers. At some point each day, readers with signed evidence will show it to Passport Control as proof of their reading, and their planners will be stamped accordingly to indicate that day’s air miles have been awarded.