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Our learning

Summer 2022

During our science topic, learning about light, we found out that certain materials were more reflective than others. This led us to create our own, personalised reflective band to keep us safe at night.

Year 3 went to Lancashire Mining Museum to learn more about our History topic of our local area. While we were there, we saw how they transported coal, where an average family would live, the huge engines which transported men and coal up and down the shafts and lost more. It was such a fantastic, interesting day and we had a wonderful time.

Arts’ week this year was all about outside and nature. We worked in groups with children from every year group and with all the teachers to create some beautiful and interesting pieces of art!

What a great ‘School Games Day’ we had this year. The children took part in a variety of events with parents watching and had a fantastic (and fun) time. Best of all, the rain stayed away!

Spring 2022

As part of our maths lessons, learning about money, we decided to put our knowledge to the test and have a class shop. We bought items, gave change and had a lot of fun along the way.

We were very lucky to have James Ketchell (adventurer) in school talking to us all about his adventures. The children loved finding out what you can do if you try new things and never give up.

In science, after learning about flowering plants, we went to Pennington Flash to see how many different flowering plants we could find.

In DT, we used our knowledge of plants from our science lessons to make a salad using fruits and vegetables. After researching available food and designing our salad, we used a variety of different methods and equipment to cut, grate and slice the ingredients. The final products were really tasty!

Autumn 2021

We are always using different methods to work out problems in maths. We get to choose what we need. Sometimes it can be done with numbers (abstract), other times, we use pictures (pictorial) and here we are using equipment (concrete).

When learning about rocks, we found that they can change over time due to weathering and erosion. We decided to see if we could change rocks quicker than nature. We could (using hammers)!

After learning about Stonehenge, we used our knowledge, skills and Jenga pieces to recreate what it originally looked like.

In art, we looked at artwork by Kandinsky and recreated it in water colours and oil pastels.

We were lucky enough to have an interactive talk from author Fiona Barker. She read one of her books to us and then taught us how illustrations can be just as important as the text in a story. In her book, the illustrations tell another story. We even had a practice at drawing our own whale pictures.

In science, we looked at soil and investigated what it was made from. At first, we thought it was just dry mud but we discovered that it is actually made from lots of different materials.