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Group 1 Thursday

Group 2 Thursday

Good evening, 


Our final full day at Low Bank Ground was filled with fun. We really have had a wonderful week and I genuinely feel so fortunate to be the teacher of such a brilliant class of children. They have made this week so enjoyable for themselves and us staff despite the weather we have all faced.


Group 1 went on a self-led walk this morning from Machell’s Coppice back to Low Bank Ground. The team of 10 split into 2 teams of 5 and they had to use pictorial and written clues to navigate their way through the woodland area safely and independently. Both teams (one a lot later than the other!) managed to complete the walk. This afternoon, we went to Stickle Ghyll to scramble. Our instructor commented on the incredible effort put in despite the temperature of both the air and the water. The children had the opportunity to have a swim and jump into a natural water pool at the bottom of a waterfall.


This morning, Group 2 went to a slate mine where they were in complete darkness at one point. Luckily, they had their torches and worked as a team to find their way out. Of course they also made time for rolling down hills and had plenty of laughs along the way. After lunch, they headed down to the lake for their final water activity: kayaking. All children picked up the technique quickly and, despite the cold weather, some braved the water by belly sliding down a canoe into the lake! A brilliant end to another brilliant day but they were glad to get dry and warm!


Group 3 headed to The Hawk on the minibus this morning to complete the orienteering course. The team split up into smaller groups and successfully navigated their way around the check points. This afternoon, they completed a self-led walk. Group 3 boarded B.O.B. the boat to take them off to their starting point on the other side of the lake. All children had the opportunity to steer the boat whilst it was moving which they loved! The children worked in two smaller teams to independently find their way back to Low Bank Ground.


This evening we have packed cases, visited the tuck shop and had a quiz night with a twist. We had a ‘bring me a...’ round, a ‘guess the song whilst 

Mr Taylor is singing’ round and a ‘guess the adult’ round. The children had an absolute ball; I’ve never seen some of them laugh so much! We were so busy with our quiz we forgot to award the passion wristbands so we will do that in the morning.


Tomorrow, we will all do one final activity before having lunch and heading home. I will post on Seesaw as we are leaving, I will post again when we stop at the services and then I will post when we are approximately 10 minutes away. We will be going straight into the hall when we return to school. We have some messages to pass on,  money to return and medicines to return so it is essential you wait in the hall rather than picking your child up straight off the coach and going.


I’ll finish this post reiterating the general message from the entire week. All staff have had such a wonderful week. When the children are as brilliant as they have been, it makes such a difficult job that bit easier and much more enjoyable. We have all said that we would genuinely come back with the class as they have been that great... but we would wait until it’s a bit warmer!


Thank you for keeping checking what we’ve been up to and I apologise for this one being a little later than normal.


See you all tomorrow, Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Wednesday

Group 2 Wednesday

Group 3 Wednesday

Good evening,


Thankfully, today was much brighter and much drier than yesterday. Mrs Burns left us today at lunch; Mrs Malley joined us and will stay until the end of the week. We had another successful day and yet again all children pushed themselves further than they thought they could and tried something new.


This morning, Group 1 (aka The Onions) hopped onto the minibus and headed to The Hawk to complete an orienteering course. The group was split into smaller groups and had to navigate through Broughton Moor Forest using their map to locate the checkpoints. All groups completed the course with few errors as they listened to all instructions well. This afternoon, we went down to the lake to kayak. We practised on ‘the pond’ before moving over to Coniston Water. We kayaked across the lake and even tackled crocodile creek where we saw some suspicious-looking bubbles!


Group 2 (aka Pigman and The Death Slugs) began the day with a difficult self-led walk. They used written and pictorial instructions to navigate their way from the drop off point back to Low Bank Ground. Mr Taylor and Mrs Burns were impressed with the children’s teamwork and positive attitude in what was a difficult activity. After lunch, they made the journey to Sickle Ghyll; Mrs Malley also joined them for the afternoon. Again, the children had a wonderful time despite the freezing cold water, slippery rocks and tricky climbing sections. All children were fabulous in ensuring that everyone made good progress up the ghyll and did so in high spirits.


Group 3 (aka The Eggberts) kayaked again this morning. They developed the skills they learned on Monday afternoon and had a huge amount of fun. As today was a much clearer day, the group had spectacular views of all the surrounding mountains and hills. This afternoon, Group 3 went to Cathedral Cavern. Rather than using torches, the group lit candles to illuminate the darkness. The children were blown away with how dark the quarry actually was inside; they said they have never experienced darkness like it! The children had to tackle a tricky walk back down to the minibus after their adventure in the quarry.


This evening, we have played a game where the children had to locate specific features around the Low Bank Ground site. Yet again, we completely mixed them all up! The winners were Tiana and Leo, Evelyna and Lucas G finished second and Holly and Luke finished third.


As I mentioned yesterday, today we were all looking for teamwork. This was such a hard decision for all adults as the class on a whole have really gelled as a unit and have worked well as a team all week. However, we did have to pick one person in each group. Group 1’s winner was Billy, Group 2’s winner was Evelyna and Group 3’s winner was Lucia. We are on the lookout for passion tomorrow... that will be another difficult decision for all of us!


All children are fast asleep in beds now so I’m off too,


Good night, Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Tuesday

Group 2 Tuesday

Group 3 Tuesday

Good evening all,


It would be wrong to start this blog post with anything other than expressing how proud I am to be the teacher of your kind, funny, hardworking, determined and fun-loving children. Every single adult has been blown away with the effort and enthusiasm of each group despite the rainy (very, very wet!) day we have had. 


All children woke up (some easier than others) and tidied their bedrooms before breakfast. Mrs Redding is our tidy bedroom judge this year and she was surprised with the condition of the rooms... some pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant surprises! However, all children have received feedback and have already started to improve their rooms. The scores for the rooms will be added together on Friday and the tidiest room overall will win a prize.


In Group 1, we started our day on the lake today with some canoeing. Before we could begin, we had to attach canoes together to form rafts. The children worked extremely well as a team to achieve success very quickly. We set off in the rain and paddled right across to the other end of the lake. The children worked well in their teams and even put in some singing practise for the Christmas play much to the delight of our instructor! The majority of the group finished the morning with a jump into the lake. This afternoon, we set off in the minibus to Cathedral Cavern. Once we reached the old mine, we explored both inside and outside; we even managed a little bit of rock climbing.


Group 2 began the day with orienteering in the woods. They had to use a map to navigate their way through 15 checkpoints without adult supervision. Teamwork and co-operation were on show throughout which was pleasing to see. A game of ‘Commando Camouflage’ followed which is becoming a favourite with the children in Group 2. This afternoon, Group 2 headed out onto the lake for canoeing in grim weather. Their spirits weren’t dampened though with their instructor commenting on the children’s resilience and commitment to having fun throughout the afternoon. In true Low Bank Ground tradition, all children and Mr Taylor jumped in the freezing lake to end a brilliant day!


Group 3 headed to the ghyll this morning. They tackled the tricky, slippery conditions to scramble up it. Mrs Burns spent the day with group 3 today and she was as equally impressed as Mrs Redding with the teamwork shown. The children demonstrated a great deal of resilience this morning as they did not let the rain stop them enjoying the experience. This afternoon, Group 3 headed to the lake to canoe. The team worked hard to canoe to the other side of the lake and finished their session with a race. Group 3 were not put off by their jump into the freezing lake yesterday: the entire group did not even hesitate to jump in again today! 


This evening, we played an orienteering game on site. We asked the children to all form boy girl pairs and create their own team names. We were all laughing away at the original team names they created ranging from ‘The Glasses People’ to ‘Big Head and Blue Head’. The children all worked hard in their pairs to find all the points on the map around the site. 


Today, we have been looking for determination in our groups. Chloe, Kayden and Evelyn all impressed school staff and centre staff today for different reasons. Tomorrow, we will be looking for teamwork and we already know it will be a difficult decision for us all. 


Good night, Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Monday

Group 2 Monday

Group 3 Monday

Monday evening meal

Good evening all 😊


We have had an extremely successful first day at Low Bank Ground. The children started off perfectly on the coach journey here. The drivers were impressed with how tidy the coach was when we arrived. Once we arrived, we sorted into rooms and the children were faced with the task of making their bed (this proved difficult for some!) and unpacking. All children are happy with their rooms. After that, we sorted into our activity groups. Billy, Jay, Alex, Thomas, Dylan, Freddie, Holly, Charlotte, Chloe and Tiana are in group 1 with me. Kayden, Lucas G, Nati, Luke, Lottie, Faith, Evelyna, Olivia, Ruby and Danielle are in group 2 with Mr Taylor. Max, Lucas V, Mo, Leo, Josh, Lucia, Louisa, Isabel, Evelyn and Caoimhe are in group 3 with Mrs Redding.


Group 1 set off on a walk after lunch and we climbed a hill. It took quite a lot of effort on the way up as the ground was rather slippy! However, the wonderful children did not let it slow them down or stop them. We had ‘head dips’ in water, we had crawling under bridges through the ghyll, we had splitting of slate as we walked and most importantly we had lots of laughs along the way. 


Group 2 began their Low Bank Ground experience with a bit of ghyll scrambling. Despite the cold, knee-deep water, they worked as a team to tackle the ghyll and had great fun. They finished off with a game of ‘Commando Camouflage’ which involved staying hidden in the woods from the Commando. Awesome!


Group 3 put on their wetsuits and headed straight for the lake where they did kayaking. They did not let the icy water put them off and both instructors with the group commented on how amazing the whole team worked together which is lovely to hear. The children were desperate to jump in the lake after their hard work kayaking. Mrs Redding obviously couldn’t let the children do it without her and she commented on how brave the children were as the water was so cold it took her breath away!


We played a classic Low Bank Ground game this evening called Aliens. Lottie and Lucia were our winners. Daniella and Isabel finished in second place. Charlotte and Tiana finished in third place. We’ve all watched the first half of Iron Will before going off to bed; we will watch the second half tomorrow.


Each day, each adult will be awarding a Spirit of the Games band to somebody in their group. Today we were looking for respect and Tiana, Lucas V and Faith stood out above the others in their groups. Well done! Luke also earned himself an honesty award during the game.


All settling in rooms now getting ready for bed. I’m off to turn lights off and make sure they actually go to sleep to prepare for tomorrow. 


Good night, Miss Dickson x