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A class full of Weekly Wonders

Voting in a polling booth

Following on from our assemblies about democracy, we had the opportunity to vote in a real polling booth today. We listened to four fabulous presentations in assembly earlier in the week all pitching a different idea to make our school even better. We were told we would have to vote for one and that our votes would be anonymous (just like in a real election). This experience followed on nicely from our work on British Values last term. We now eagerly wait for the announcement of the results!

Road safety session

This afternoon we were extremely lucky as Rachel from Wigan Council visited our classroom. Rachel presented a PowerPoint to us all about road safety. The focus of the presentation was all about when we move on to high school. We learned a lot about why we have to be vigilant when walking near any road and we were also reminded about a lot of road safety tips we already knew. Thank you Rachel, we feel a lot safer near the roads now; we will ensure we follow the rules you've taught us (especially the one about using mobile phones near the road!).

Maths Quiz

We ended the term with a maths quiz. We were paired up and had a total of 16 questions to solve each. Before we could move on to the next question, we had to present Miss Dickson with the correct working out and answer for the question we had. We had so much fun; we have asked Miss Dickson if we can do more revision quizzes after half term! During this quiz we revised: calculating the area of a triangle, a trapezium and a compound rectilinear shape; calculating the perimeter of a compound shape with missing lengths; long multiplication; subtraction involving decimals; fractions, percentages and decimals; ratio and converting measurements. Look at how many questions we answered!
Today we enjoyed our well deserved Superclass time. Rather than watching a DVD (like we have asked to for the previous celebrations), Miss Dickson said that we were going outside. We were allowed to use any of the outdoor PE equipment. Some of us set up a dodgeball court and some of us got the skipping ropes out. Others decided to bring some sketching paper outside and sat in the quiet area drawing. Alongside the fun outdoors, we each made a mocktail indoors with Mrs Halton. To finish off our maths topic on ratio we each designed a mocktail using ratios to decide what we put in. For example, for every 2 measures of orange juice I put in I will put in 1 measure of lemonade (2:1 ratio). We enjoyed this task very much!
We were very creative and original with our ideas for decorating our eggs. Miss Dickson was glad she didn’t have to select the winner! After a long deliberation, the judges selected Amelia and Ethan as the winners. Well done!

Let’s Sing

Today we headed off to the indoor sports centre at Robin Park. We joined many other LOGOS schools to participate in the annual Let’s Sing showcase. We behaved impeccably and our singing was exceptional! We had so much fun and we were really proud of how we performed. Mr Orrell personally thanked us for how well we had learned the songs, this made us feel even prouder! As a class, we were all proud of how well Aimee performed her solo infront of hundreds of people. If you watch the video below we are sure you will agree with us that she was absolutely amazing!

Well done Aimee!

Still image for this video

Mother's Day.wmv

Still image for this video

Shoulder to Soldier

At Christmas, we decided that we would like the door collection from our second nativity play to go towards helping people in our local area. We raised over £200 thanks to the generosity of our families at Gilded Hollins. This morning, the whole school were treated to a visit and a special assembly from members of the shoulder to Soldier charity. During the assembly, Ethan (a Y6 pupil) was presented with a special gift. Ethan helped to raise a staggering £690 for the charity last summer completing the National Three Peaks Challenge alongside another former Gilded Hollins pupil. Today we all learned how the money Ethan raised has already helped so many veterans, soldiers and soldiers families. We are all extremely proud of Ethan! A big thank you to everyone who donated!
Don’t we look fabulous! It was very difficult for Mrs Halton and Miss Dickson to select only two winners today. After a long deliberation, James and Codie were selected. Mrs Haworth came and read some of Alice in Wonderland to us; we didn’t want her to stop reading! Mrs Haworth also talked about how to become a published author! We learned all about how Mrs Howarth became a published author, we were inspired as she told us how she didn’t believe she would ever be an author before it happened. The sky is our only limit, we need to believe it!
This term our science topic is evolution and inheritance. After discussing evolution we started to think, how do we know that evolution happened? We learned all about fossils and how scientists use fossils to support their ideas about evolution. Before we made our own fosssils, we wrote an explanation text explaining how fossils are formed. Once Miss Dickson was happy we understood this, we were allowed to make our own model fossils. We used salt dough, shells and toy dinosaurs. Obviously, in real life this is not how fossils are formed; we understand how our task of leaving an imprint behind links to real fossils.
This week we had our bikeability training. We did not let the snow put us off! We have learned how to ride our bikes safely on the roads; we can’t wait to use what we’ve learned when we are out and about. Both of the instructors were impressed with our behaviour and effort, Miss Dickson said that she wasn’t expecting anything else!
Today we used some pictures to plan our piece of writing this week, a narrative. We used the pictures as inspiration for our setting, characters and events. A key part of our task was talking our partner through our plan, this ensured that we knew our narrative plan well. 

Let's Sing

A very exciting day in Year Six today! We are so excited to take part in Let’s Sing in March! We spent the morning session learning a part of each song we will sing. We particularly enjoyed singing the song ‘Sing’. Before we could sing, we had to warm up our voices. This was great fun! We made all kinds of noises and there were actions to go with most of them. We will be working very hard from now until March to perfect our singing for the concert.

Never too old to use picture books!

Today we used traditional tales in our English grammar lesson. Our skill this week is to ‘précis text’ (we will be using our class text to do this). We worked in pairs today aiming to write a précis of a traditional tale with 100 as our word limit. This was tricky! However, like we always do in Y6, we didn’t let the difficultly put us off and we worked hard to complete the task. We now feel ready to tackle the independent writing on Thursday!
Christmas play collection
In RE we have been learning about unfairness in the world. We have realised that we are very fortunate to live in this country as we have all of our basic human needs met. It didn’t take long for our thoughts to turn to local people who aren’t as fortunate as we are, in particular homeless people in our local area. After our Christmas production we held a collection where the parents and grandparents could donate to a very special cause. As a class, we requested for the money to be donated to help local homeless people over th Christmas period. We raised a massive £150 for the Leigh Homeless Support Project. We presented the cheque to very grateful volunteers before our final production this afternoon.
Writing our own versions of a classic Christmas song
This morning we had a go at modernising the classic 12 Day’s of Christmas song. We worked in small groups to rewrite the song, we had so much fun! We personally think that our versions are much more better with some of our gifts including: an Alexa for the TV; a brand new PS3; a dancing donkey and a loving puppy. 
Christmas lunch
Today we decorated the lunch tables for the rest of the school. We have been planning our designs for a while! It was a very close competition (as I’m sure you can tell) but the judges selected Codie in 3rd place, Harvey and Jess in 2nd place and Eleanor and Sophie in 1st place. Miss Dickson and Mrs Halton were very pleased that they were not on the judging panel!
Christmas fayre 
This afternoon after school, we helped out on the Y6 stall at the Christmas fayre. We are raising money to fund our end of year class trip! Whilst some of us were working hard on the stall, others were working in Santa’s grotto as his elves. We worked well as a team to organise the rota for the evening and to ensure that our stall was staffed at all times. 
Low Bank Ground
Thursday 16th November 

Today has been a special day for our group! One young man had a very special wake up call from the rest of the boys. We have all tried hard to ensure that Oliver had a fabulous day on his birthday. Oliver was welcomed into the dining hall with further happy birthday wishes from the girls. We had eggy bread for breakfast and we didn't let the rain dampen our spirits. The rain didn't last long as by the time we were heading to our meeting rooms it had stopped (lucky us!). 


This morning, Group 1 put on their wetsuits and headed down to the pond. There, we had to learn how to kayak before being allowed on the lake as it was very windy. In no time the children were successfully kayaking from one end of the pond to the other so we were able to play some games before heading to the lake. Once on the lake, we battled against the wind to kayak right into the centre. All children worked so hard and I was so proud of them all. Unfortunately, it was too windy to kayak to the other side to buy an ice cream. However, this evening at the tuck shop Group 1 were allowed to buy one chocolate bar or packet of sweets to make up for the lack of ice cream. All children were happy with this alternative option. This afternoon, we hopped onto the minibus and headed to Cathedral Cavern. Here, we explored the old slate mines. As a team the children challenged themselves to walk through in complete darkness. They were all extremely brave! Our Spirit of the Games focus was determination. All of our group selected one young lady together. Alesha demonstrated amazing determination today. She was rather unsure at first whilst kayaking on the pond but after our team talk about determination Alesha pushed herself to kayak on the lake. She was so proud of herself and as a group, we were even prouder.


This morning, Group 2 began the day with a visit to Little Langdale Quarry, (AKA Catherdral Caves, due to the picturesque opening that is often compared to the beauty of a stained glass window). The children learned about the roles of quarry workers, in particular the children. At first, we explored the quarry by candlelight but the children decided to see what it would have been like for the children working in the quarries if their candle blew out. For this reason, we tried, and succeeded leaving the 'caves' in complete darkness. Very scary at times but the children comforted each other well. We then went for a walk around the quarries, lay down on the floor and carefully peeked over the precipice. The views were out of this world! In the afternoon, we got out the kayaks and had a quick practice on the pond. As with every other activity this week, we were incredible so it wasn't long before we were out on the lake in the glorious sunshine and still waters, reflecting on the week and thinking about how lucky we all are. We finished the day off by jumping off the jetty and having a little paddle. Brilliant day! I gave Phoebe the spirit of the games award for determination for being so calm and brave in the quarry despite not particularly liking the dark. 


Group 3 started their morning off with a self led walk. The children have been looking forward to the walk all week! The children were taken to Grizedale Forest in the minibus and had to work independently in their small groups to find their their way back to the Low Bank Ground centre. This afternoon, at the request of the birthday boy, the group went kayaking. Like the other two groups, the children had to learn how to manoeuvre their kayak around the pond before moving to the lake. To demonstrate their kayaking skills the children played a game where they had to chase each other and tap other kayaks with their paddle. The children also had to master paddling backwards, of course, they managed it with ease! Lastly on the pond, the team had to form a raft of kayaks. In Group 3 Amelia A was awarded the spirit 'Determination'. Amelia didn't find kayaking easy at first when on the pond but rather than giving up she kept on giving her all and it most definitely worked! Once the group moved to the lake Amelia's determination was even more evident as she kayaked like an expert in all directions!


Our evening meal was a roast dinner and the kitchen staff very kindly baked Oliver a birthday cake for our afters. All of our group sang happy birthday before we all tucked into the cake! As we will be short of time in the morning the final bedroom inspection took place after our evening meal. It was very close and all rooms scored at least 8/10! However, Tom, Jack, Harvey and Ethan B maintained their lead from this morning meaning they are our winners! The boys scored a perfect 10 this evening and it was a well deserved victory, well done boys! This evening the children have packed, visited the tuck shop and we are currently watching the end of Holes. Tomorrow we will be doing an activity after breakfast. After that, we will be returning the kit we have borrowed before having lunch. I won't be able to update the website tomorrow as we will be too busy but I am certain that your children will fill you in once they are home! 


Good night, see you all tomorrow! Love Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Thursday

Group 2 Thursday

Group 3 Thursday

Wednesday 15th November

We started our morning with our favourite breakfast yet... bacon sandwiches! The weather was glorious and all children filled themsleves up as they knew they would have a busy morning ahead. After breakfast I inspected the bedrooms again and I have to say, every single bedroom had improved from yesterday. The children are now ensuring that everything is where it needs to be; their bed is tidy; their dirty clothes are in an appropriate place and they are even making sure that their bathrooms are spotless too. Today, Olivia, Macy and Martha took the lead but only by 0.5 of a point! Amelia and Alesha are joint second with Harvey, Tom, Jack and Ethan B. 


After filling up on a lot of breakfast, Group 1 boarded the mini bus. As we were driving away from Low Bank Groud the children were looking all around them to figure out which hill we would be climbing. Unfortunately (to the disappointment of some children), we could not climb The Old Man of Coniston mountain as it would have taken the whole day. Instead, we climbed The Bell hill which peaks at 335m. Once we reached the top we all had a hot chocolate to warm us up before heading back down. All of the children said that they had a great sense of accomplishment. This afternoon, we headed to Tilber Thwaite for ghyll scrambling. The children were so excited to do the activity and they did not let the cold weather hold them back. Today, Ethan was awarded the Spirit of the games 'Passion'. Ethan has been passionate all week about every activity we have done. Today, he was so passionate about our mountain walk and the rocks that he found. So much so, he was trying to put some in his backpack to bring home with him! After reminding him that he would be carrying the extra weight all morning he downscaled from a small boulder to a rock (or five!).


Today Group 2 jumped aboard BOB (Big Old Boat) and took turns being in charge of the tiller until we reached Torver.  There, the children separated in to two groups and had to follow photographic instructions to get back to the Bluebird Cafe.  During the self led walk, the children all conducted themselves with a great deal of maturity - well done!  In the afternoon, we crammed in to the minibus and headed to Tilber Thwaite for ghyll scrambling.  Some of the sections were very challenging but the group were so supportive and encouraging of each other, always offering kind words and helping hands.  Spirit of the games 'Passion' was awarded to Zak for being keen to work with anyone in the group, being enthusiastic to get started and asking probing questions to stretch his knowledge further.


Group 3 headed to Cathedral Caves this morning. There they had to work as a team to support each other through the caves. The children were very respectful to other members of the public in the caves and they were fascinated that a member of the public had a dog in their bag (safely, of course!). The children pushed past their fears and blew out their candles, their only source of light! This afternoon, they went canoeing on Coniston Water. The children paddled to the other side of the lake where they were able to buy an ice cream from Bluebird Cafe. The general consensus was that they had never had an ice cream so huge! Today, Freya earned the spirit Passion as she battled through her fears whilst caving. Freya was so passionate to finish the task and to support her group that she blew out her candle even though she wasn't feeling sure about the task. 


This is evening we have had a team quiz night and we have started to watch Holes. The quiz night was so much fun and it was absolutely lovely to watch the children enjoy the company of each other so much. I haven't revealed the winners yet so I will hold that back until tomorrow's blog. Mr Nash joined us today and he will be working with all three groups across the remainder of the week.


Good night all, Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Wednesday

Group 2 Wednesday

Group 3 Wednesday

Tuesday 14th November

A very busy day today for Year 6! All children slept well after their long day yesterday which meant that they were all rearing to go today. We started the day having cereal, toast, beans and hash browns for breakfast. Whilst the children were waiting for breakfast I checked their 'tidy' bedrooms! So far, Alesha and Aimee are in joint first place with Martha, Olivia and Macy. I let the children know what I deducted points for and they have promised that tomorrow morning when I check their rooms will be even tidier.


This morning Group 1 went canoeing. I was impressed with how determined the children were to master the skill and challenge themselves to keep on improving. Due to their determination, local fishermen commented on our impressive technique. A short while later, the same fishermen caught a 16lb pike fish! We were amazed by the size of it, we were even lucky enough to have an up close look into the mouth of the pike, it had a lot of very sharp teeth! We played a few games whilst on the lake and we even attempted to paddle to the top of a stream called Crocodile Creek which was a very challenging task. This afternoon we went orienteering in the forest and fields. The children were taught how to read the map correctly and how to use the real world around them to ensure that their map was oriented correctly. The children were very excited to work in their pairs independently to complete the course.


Group 2 jumped in the minibus this morning and travelled down to Coniston.  Whilst there, they were paired up for field and forest orienteering.  All the children remembered the feedback given last night and orientated their maps successfully... in fact their biggest challenges came with opening some of the gates! Local ramblers commented on how well behaved and polite our pupils were whilst on the course.  In the afternoon, the group went out on the lake in the canoes.  The rain had started at this point but it didn't put them off.  All the children picked up the technique really quickly and good communication ensured the boats travelled in the right direction! The children were so confident that they were able to travel whilst standing, jump from one canoe to another and limbo under trees and jetties! As a special treat, the group stopped at the Bluebird Cafe and enjoyed an ice cream, with flake of course!  The day ended with jumping and diving from the jetty! 


Group 3 started their day orienteering. Just like the other two groups, they paired up to tackle the field and forest course. The children learned from their mistakes last night which meant that they were even more successful this time. The children worked well in their pairs to complete the course independently. In the afternoon, the group went ghyll scrambling. They were so excited to complete this activity and equally excited to put on their wetsuit for the first time! The group had a fabulous time and all of the staff with them were extremely impressed with how passionate the children were about the task. Even though the water was cold, the children did not let it stop them as they powered through streams, waterfalls and even open bodies of water to complete the activity. 


This evening, we have played a game called aliens. This game incorporated memory skills, team work, communication and perseverance. Ethan B and Harvey won the game, Rhea and I came second and Harrison and Daniel came third. All children who win an award or game throughout the week will be presented with their prize on Friday before we leave.


Today the quality we were looking for in our pupils was self-belief. It was such a difficult decision to select only one child from each group! However, in Group 1 Harrison was selected for his refusal to give up even when he was struggling. Harrison was an absolute star all day but especially during canoeing where he set himself challenge to successfully paddle with his team. Of course, Harrison was successful with his challenge. In Group 2 Codie was selected for her amazing attitude during canoeing. Codie pushed her nerves to one side and through believing in herself she accomplished so much! Codie especially impressed the adults in her group during the games whilst on the lake. In Group 3 Oliver was awarded the Spirit of the Games band as his self-belief whilst gill scrambling massively impressed the adults with him. Oliver pushed aside any doubts and he met every small challenge he set himself.


Tomorrow, we will be looking out for passion. The children selected this quality so I am looking forward to watching them demonstrate it!


All tucked up in bed now after another busy day! Good night all, love Miss Dickson x

Group 1 Tuesday

Group 2 Tuesday

Group 3 Tuesday

Monday 13th November 

Good evening! I will begin our Low Bank Ground blog by thanking you all for raising such wonderful children! We have had such a lovely day from start to finish. Firstly, the coach was spotless and after explaining the 'tidy bedroom' competition there was such a buzz that I am certain that their rooms will be the same!


After lunch we split into the following groups:

Miss Dickson: Isla, Eleanor, Sophie, Macy, Aimee, Alesha, Mikey, Harrison, Bailey & Ethan S.

Miss Whittaker: Martha, Olivia, Jess, Codie, Rhea, Phoebe, Ethan B, Harvey, Jack & Zak.

Mrs Boardman and Mr Rushton/Mr Nash: Eden, Molly, Freya, Amelia A, Amelia H, Tom, James, Oliver & Daniel.

All children are happy with their groups and their rooms and so far they have all proven to work well in their teams.


After lunch we all went for a 'hill walk' in our separate groups. From what I have been told all children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all children challenged themselves whilst doing the activity. We learned so much about the environment around us whilst out walking too. After our walk we had a little free time before playing pictionary and then coming over to the main building to have our evening meal. Tonight we had pasta bolognaise with garlic bread and salad followed by upside down pineapple cake. I was so impressed that every single child tried the meal today and many even went back for seconds!


Whilst I am writing this blog I am eagerly waiting for your wonderful children to return from their evening activity of evening orienteering (I am recording their times) to discuss our stars of the day. Today we have been looking for teamwork so after discussing with the other staff (who are out and about listening for good teamwork) we will let the children know who we have selected. 


Overall today has been wonderful and you would all be so proud of how polite, supportive and adventurous your children have been. I am so proud of what they have already achieved.


I can spot the torch lights from the first group returning so I will update this page again with some photographs and our stars of the day once the children are all back and we are ready for bed.


Love Miss Dickson x


Update 22:58: The winners of the teamwork challenge were Martha and Olivia. Both girls stuck to the task and managed to help and support each other which led to success. Well done girls!


Just about to go to bed, we have watched half of a film and we will watch the other half tomorrow. Good night all x

Group 1 Monday

Group 2 Monday

Group 3 Monday

Our scientific investigation 

Our first science topic has been all about living things. We have sorted and classified living things using classification keys. One living thing we have investigated is a microorganism known as mould. In pairs we planned, conducted and concluded an investigation. We learned all about different types of variables before we planned it. We had to decide what our independent variable would be (the thing we would change between the two conditions), the dependent variable would be (the thing that we would observe) and what the controlled variables would be (the things we would keep the same across the two conditions). We were investigating which condition(s) cause bread to go mouldy quickly. We set up our investigations and we put our slices of bread in the places they needed to be. We observed the slices of bread for a week and recorded our observations in a table. After a week, we concluded our investigations and wrote a scientific report. We learned that bread goes mouldy very quickly in damp conditions! We discussed how we can apply this learning to every day life. 

Our investigation results