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We were taught by a community nurse how to properly wash our hands this week. Later on in the week, we used the UV lamp and gel to identify how clean our hands actually are. It’s safe to say some of us need to take more care and time whilst hand washing!


Before calculating with metric measures, we investigated practically the concept of weight.

Gold-winning Paralympic athlete Danielle Brown visited our school. We all participated in a circuit training session before watching her inspirational assembly.

We used atlases to locate places in Britain with Viking words in their name. It can be assumed the Vikings once lived in these places.

We made Chinese dragon inspired book marks to end culture week. We will use them to mark our pages in our group reading books.

As part of Chinese culture week, we learned all about the Terracotta Army. After learning about them, we sculpted our own models out of clay.

We visited Lowton High School to use one of their food technology rooms. As part of Chinese culture week, Mrs Redding taught us how to prepare and cook chicken/quorn fried rice. We had a brilliant time cooking but an even better time taste testing!

After practising calligraphy, we wrote in Chinese in on our slat books.

Mr Hough from Bolton School visited us to teach us some Mandarin Chinese. We learned how to greet others, how to introduce ourselves and how to count to 10. Mr Hough also taught us how to write hello using calligraphy.

Mrs Halton and our very own class expert Lucia helped the rest of our class to make Chinese slat books out of lolly sticks. We will use them later in the week to write on once we’ve had our calligraphy lesson.

This week, our writing was about a bullying incident. Before we did any writing, we drew and labelled our two main characters. This made writing a lot easier as we already had a mental image of our characters ready to describe.

This year, rather than a well-being week we are having well-being days spread throughout the year. For our first one, we focussed on breathing techniques and how to identify when we are starting to feel anxious. We learned that focussing on breathing in and out in a steady rhythm meant whatever we were thinking of before started to leave our minds.

This term, we will be building up to doing a daily mile. To start with, we are aiming to run for 5 minutes without stopping on the days we don’t do PE. Running outdoors is brilliant for both our physical and mental health. We certainly felt the impact of it after our first attempt! #StillBreathing

We investigated whether the position of a switch in a series circuit impacts how the components function.

We used photographs we took whilst at Low Bank Ground in our art work.

In our pairs, we decorated the tables for our annual Christmas dinner.

Head over to the Low Bank Ground sub-page on the Year Six page to find many more photographs from Low Bank. You’ll also be able to have a read about what we did each day whilst there.

We were extremely lucky to work with Molly and Jonathan from The Anne Frank Trust. We did a session based on challenging stereotypes and discrimination. We discussed how Anne Frank’s story is still relevant in the world today as people are still experiencing prejudice. 8 children went on to plan their own assembly about the issues we learned about. The 8 children presented their wonderful assembly to the rest of Y6 and Y5. They did an amazing job!

We were visited by Damien as part of Operation Encompass. We discussed healthy and unhealthy relationships and what we can do if we find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship.

Our beautiful, completed, dried tea light holders in the style of diva lamps.

Superclass time! We celebrated our hard work this half term by playing Pictionary.

After practising designs from Neeta Sharma’s work, we made diva lamps out of clay. We had to ensure our lamp could hold a tea light candle. We also had to use modelling tools to etch in some of the designs we practised the day before. Some of us even decided to use our understanding about Hindu gods whilst making our lamps (Ganesh).

Our RE focus this half term has been Hinduism. To conclude our unit, we researched body artist Neeta Sharma. We practised sketching some of her henna designs before we decided which ones we would etch into a diva lamp.

We concluded our scientific investigation this week. We learned that mould grows quickest on wet bread. We concluded that we must keep bread dry to keep it fresh and safe to eat at home.

During our Real PE lessons this half term, we have focused on cognitive skills. We concluded the unit by deciding our own rules, point system and court set up for the game ‘throw tennis’.

Last year during Arts Week, we learned how to draw a face using the correct proportions. We drew self portraits during Arts Week; we transferred the skills we learned to illustrate our pieces of writing planned with Dan Worsley.

We absolutely loved our visit from Dan Worsley. Many of us bought a book from Dan; we cannot wait to read them!

In science, we investigated the growth of mould (a microorganism) on bread. We had to observe our slices of bread and record our findings for the period of a week.

We used Digimaps to create a to scale map of our local area. We had to use the key to ensure our maps were accurate.

We were visited by 4 fire fighters from Leigh Fire Station. We were reminded how to stay safe over the Halloween and bomb fire night periods.

We were visited by Mr Orrell from Wigan Music Service to sing some of the Let’s Sing songs from over the years.

In Emgish, we used the ‘For the Birds’ video as inspiration for writing a persuasive letter. Before we wrote anything, we used our drama skills to act out a human version of the video. After we performed our pieces of drama, we discussed what we would like to say to the unkind children characters. We then discussed how we could transfer this to the birds in the video.

We used base ten to support us whilst exchanging in column subtraction,

In science, we created classification keys. We asked questions to sort items.

We used Digimaps to locate our school, our homes and other places of interest in our local area.