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Gallery 2021/22

Summer Term

We had a visit from Wigan Music Service to prepare for a performance of Hansel and Gretel - look at our faces!

In maths, we looked at decimals and compared them to fractions, considering their place value.

A new book: Wonder! We’ve fallen in love with the main character Auggie already!

We took our maths outside to create a human number line to consider the size of decimal numbers when rounding them!

As part of our RE topic on Life is a Journey, we considered things which could be symbolic of this and used sketching skills, looking and use of tonal shades to draw them.

We were super proud of our orienteering team who represented us at Pennington Flash.

Spring Term

Our first piece of work was based on a film clip, Germans in the Woods. The children wrote as a veteran recalling the events of a night in the woods during the war.

As part of our study on Jewish festivals and worship, we went to the Jewish museum in Manchester.

To launch our fractions unit of work, we thought about the varied representations of a fraction. We created a fraction museum and had to include a red herring too!

Some character description in writing of Bess, the landlord’s daughter in The Highwayman. This was a particularly good example.

James Ketchell, the explorer, was simply inspirational!

This was a tricky puzzle (as some of our faces show) - trying to match equivalent fractions!

A favourite day at Gilded Hollins: World Book Day! Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to books and reading!

As part of our rainforests topic, we found our about the water cycle and even made our very own to see it on action!

After researching the layers of the rainforest, we created our very own and described what we had done!

Here’s what we found out about the rainforest!

Super proud of a group of children in Year 5 who launched the ‘Kindness Corner’, a quieter area to enjoy games and crafts at lunchtime.

In science, we carried out an investigation into separating materials. We really did have to think!

Music and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air accompanied by our drummers and guitarist!

A visit from Lancashire Cricket coaches - they were very impressed!

DT - our brief was to deign and create a ball shoot game using the skills of sawing, nailing and hammering. Once complete, we had to test them out and evaluate them.

Our final piece of writing was a retelling of Goof Friday which linked to our RE work.

Autumn Term

The Book Circle is back and we are so excited. Lots of new books thanks to Mrs Byrne and the competition she won!

Applying our rounding skills to a tactical game in maths!

Our History workshop for our topic of The Golden Age of Islam. Timelines, Gods of Mesopotamia and the Round City of Baghdad covered. Some fantastic questions and answers already. Well done year 5 🤩

In PHSE, we read The Boy, The Fox, The Mole and The Horse and we were inspired to write our own and design our own artwork.

We’re loving our dedicated reading for pleasure time. Book talk is ever present.

Winners were grinners at the local tag rugby competition.

Our science topic of ‘Forces’ covered lots of practical work

Investigating what s square number is. We then went on to build cubed numbers too.

Poems inspired by our novel The Boy at the Back of the Class

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