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Gallery (2020-2021)

Spring 2

While looking at plants in Science, we decided to dissect some to to find the individual parts. Once we had done that, we labelled them and described their function.

In science, we learnt about the bones in the body. We then created models of a human and labelled the bone names.

Spring 1

Counting money is always easier when we have the coins. Unfortunately, Mr Rushton would give us real ones. We had to use plastic ones.

At the start of term we had a snowy day. We learnt how to create snow sculptures and make snow bricks for igloos.

As we cannot have birthday parties at home with our friends due to lockdown, we are having joint ones at school. Everyone who has a birthday in each month gets a cake on the last Friday of that month.

Autumn 2

In science, we are looking at forces and magnets. We had a “Scrapyard Challenge” where we had to sort metallic object from all the others -there were a few surprises.

We made Stone Age art after reading different books like “Stone Age boy”. It was messy and fun.

In DT, we have been creating Stone Age shelters (from our history topic). We have the challenge to make them be stable and survive both rain and wind.

Autumn 1

The children discovered the work of Kandinsky and created a beautiful piece of art work using concentric circles.

Rocks and soils- we looked at how rocks can change. We learned about natural erosion and weathering and then decided that we could do it quicker.

In Year 3, we often use equipment in maths to help us understand a concept or to enable us to better explain how we can solve a problem.

World Mental Health Day- the children discussed how to cheer people up who might be feeling blue. We decided to make a ‘cheer chain‘ with ideas Of who you could talk to, what activities they would share with others and jokes which make people laugh. Look how many ideas they came up with.

World Mental Health Day- as a final activity to make our friends and family smile, the children used their computing skills to edit photos of themselves with their friends. At the end of the day, we even saw a rainbow.