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We cannot explain just how happy we are to have competitive sport back! We have represented our school at football and tag rugby competitions so far this year. We behaved beautifully at both and demonstrates the true #GoGilded spirit.

In PSHE, we have been learning about healthy and balanced relationships. We have done work based on negotiating, comprising and being assertive. We have been using drama to apply what we have learned to a context.

We had a brilliant day at Chester Zoo. We split into groups and mixed with Reception. Mrs Byrne and Mrs Holman were so incredibly proud of how amazing we were at being great role models for the younger children. Our class governor, Mrs Haworth, joined us too; she was also very impressed with our behaviour and enthusiasm.

We have been learning about microorganisms is science. We planned investigations with variables to see which conditions caused the most mould growth. Here are our results…

In RE, we have been learning about Hinduism. We ended our unit by making diva lamps out of clay to celebrate Diwali. We etched our henna-inspired designs onto our clay.

We supported two charities (Young Minds and Alder Hey Children's Charity) by wearing yellow or pyjamas to school.

We used atlases to locate where some key battles of the English Civil War were fought. One of the battles took place very close to us - The Battle of Preston.

We had another author visit! Emma Mylrea visited us via Teams. We were very inspired to write after this workshop!

We were so lucky to have an author visit us. Mr Marsh, a grandparent at Gilded Hollins, told us all about how he wrote his debut book.

We hosted our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raised over £500 🤩

We have been working on coding in our computing lessons.

We made classification keys in science.

In PSHE, we worked on how to communicate without speaking. We had to sort ourselves into a specific order without talking. We found this hard at first but we got much better as we learned what did and didn’t work. We learned that communication is very important when working in a team.

We started off our science unit by sorting animals into groups based on their similarities and their differences.