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Spring 1 (the term when we couldn’t all be together)

At home and at school, we thought about the solar system and the relative sizes of the planets

After the strangest of first week’s back, some yoga to reconnect with ourselves

Finally the weather was kind to us when we investigated how the length of shadows changes in a day and why

In RE, we started a study on Judaism, looking at their sabbath day Shabbat.

And then the snow arrived...

Seeing the positive and developing resilience through this beautiful art work and display

A virtual catch up with a cooking twist - cookie dough!

Impressive explanation of a problem in the day’s maths challenge

Children’s mental health week and laughing

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we went on a vertical school trip. Here’s when we found out!

Still image for this video

Our virtual trip... we travelled together, saw the animals together, ate lunch and shared animal jokes together and had free time to explore the live visits and be creative.

We thought about mental health and what it is. We explored small feelings and big feelings and how they can make us behave.

Safer Internet Day and looking at our digital footprint

Some fantastic Anglo-Saxon settlements created in a variety of ways.

Another tricky problem which has been solved in a systematic, well thought out way...

We scripted an interview with King Alfred

Here’s a live performance of an interview with Alfred the Great!

Still image for this video

And finally we celebrated Chinese New Year by making spring rolls

We voted for our class reader, Dream Snatcher. Here’s what we think so far...

Autumn 2

Haunting artwork using colour mixing with water colour and line drawing combining a variety of media.

In Maths, we looked at factors of numbers and then used Venn diagrams to solve problems involving factors.

We went on a treasure hunt to apply our understanding of prime, squared and cubed numbers.

We introduced an estimation station and used a point of reference and our best estimation skills to estimate the length of the whopping loom band loop!

As we introduced lockdown parties, we learned to sign Happy Birthday 🥳

No birthday parties at home, so class ones it had to be. Thank you to FOGH for buying our cakes and treats.

Working on balance in PE

In Science, a real life model of the planets orbiting the sun.

Taking learning home. After looking at art through religious buildings, Sienna made this beautiful church at home.

Preparing for Christmas lunch and making our place mats

Recognition for spirit of the game values after a cross country trial

Being compassionate and understanding how important the value of friendship can be.

Christmas Santa circuits

Emotive, heart warming writing about the Christmas Truce

Creating our own solar system thinking carefully about the size of our planets.

Autumn 1

Back to school all together and all is well 💛💚

We’re very excited about our class novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class

We’ve logged into our new Reading Plus accounts

In maths, we went outside to draw our own number lines to pass through zero with negative numbers.

In Science, we’ve been thinking about human life cycles and used an ageing app! Look at us in 30 years time 😊

As part of our PSHE, we have looked at The Boy, The Fox, The Mole and The Horse and have written some uplifting lines, punctuated as direct speech.

Doing our bit for the Macmillan Marathon 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️

Celebrating #GoYellow for Mental Health Day 💛 We thought about how we can look after our own mental health and support others by recognising the signs when someone is struggling.

Writing: we had a special mission for Mrs Burns and used our very best persuasive techniques!

Combining computing skills and geographical knowledge as we use PowerPoint to showcase our research on American states.