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Autumn Term

In science, we looked at how we age. Using an app, we took a picture of ourselves and aged it. The results were scary.

In Year 5, we use concrete methods (like cubes and counters) to help us solve problems in maths. We then move onto pictoral and written methods.

This term, we created a Harvest assembly and performed it for the school and our parents.

In science, we have been looking at forces. We decided to how these worked while playing in the playground.

Year 5 have have had two visitors this term. Firstly, Dan Worsley (an author) talked to us about how to create interesting stories. Then, Damion (from Operation Encompass) discussed how to make healthy relationships.

Spring Term

During 'Culture Week', Year 5 took part in many different activities ranging from cooking chicken fried rice to creating their own willow pattern plates.

In PE, we looked at our communication skills and how important teamwork is.

Our Science has been very exciting this term. First we investigated separating materials, then 'Mad Science' came into class to show us some interesting experiments. Finally, we looked at reversible and irreversible changes -well... we made milkshakes, toast and melted chocolate :)