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Year 5



  • Brought in photos of family members as babies and now. Using an aging app on iPad- will you look like more like Mum or Dad when you are older?


  • Discussed with parents what life was like for them growing up and wrote a report


  • Trip to Science & Industry museum looking at forces


  • Designed, created and tested parachutes and boats (uplift and buoyancy)


  • Created, rehearsed and performed ‘Harvest Assembly’ in front of school and parents


  • Carried out own research on one of the American states and created a piece of written and creative work on the topic


  • Used the internet and holiday broachers to plan a journey to a place in another part of the world, taking account of distance, cost and time.


  • Recreated ‘pop artwork’


  • Devised at created an X Factor competition involving physical abilities


  • World book day


  • Harvest food collection


  • Investigation into friction (involving various materials)


  • Design and created Christmas tree decorations using salt dough


  • Design and created Christmas cards


  • Wrote non-chronological report on mythical creatures and created our own book for adventures


  • Researched robots and then went to a robots in real life exhibition


  • Created Lego models and then used coding skills to make them move


  • Wrote persuasive texts ‘To go on an adventure or not’ (Eric the Viking)


  • Class debate – For or Against and adventure


  • Rugby Tournament


  • Cross-country competition


  • Photo editing using various apps and programs


  • Research religious art and designed our own spiritual designs
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  • Book Reviews from class reading books


  • Safer Internet Day


  • World Book Day and governor story-time


  • Mothers’ Day Cards


  • Trip to Pennington Flash- Looking at plants and their lifecycles


  • Grew our own plants


  • Designed and created salt dough jewellery based on Anglo-Saxon designs


  • Designed, created and tested Anglo-Saxon shelter designs


  • Looked at Anglo-Saxon vs modern life including maps of the local area


  • Trip to Pennington Flash- Looking at differences and similarities between our plants and trees and those in rainforests


  • Gathered natural resources to create art from nature


  • Drew and painted flowering and non-flowering plants


  • Created papier mache vases and painted them with images of the siege of Baghdad from ‘The golden age of Islam’


  • Took part in clog dancing


  • Rehearsed and performed a clogging routine for rest of school and parents


  • Investigated soluble and non-soluble materials


  • Experimented with solids, liquids and gases as part of ‘Science Week’


  • Wrote in rough and then word processed non-chronological animal reports for wall display


  • Created ‘A day in the life of an Amazonian villager, display including narratives, recounts and parrots from art work


  • Discussed, designed, drew and coloured Islamic art


  • Discussed, investigated and created non-newtonian materials


  • Wrote reports and then used ‘green screen’ technology to create a news report


  • Used a variety of objects to investigate forces (parachutes, javlins, tug-o-war ropes)


  • Used French –English dictionaries to research our own French writing


  • NSPCC assembly


  • Power point presentations for ‘The importance of Rain forests’
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