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Year 4

During the Autumn term, we have been learning about the Romans. We have written in role of Roman slaves, soldiers and governors as well as Celtic farmers.  We have learned all about the Iceni Tribe and the fearless Queen Boudicca who stood up to the formidable force! We even learned a new poem and song about Boudicca and performed these for National Poetry Day.  Despite her greatest efforts, the Romans were unstoppable!  We were very surprised when we began to map all the land that they occupied! 


We have visited Roman Chester and viewed Roman gardens, a Roman amphitheatre and Roman walls.  In the museum, we learned about Roman life including food, drink, living arrangements and the bath houses.  In the afternoon, we went on Soldier patrol and patrolled the streets wth our very own shields!  Inspired by these children, we soon got on to designing our own.  What do you think of our designs?