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Welcome to Year 3!

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Welcome to the Year 3 class page! Throughout the year we will be adding photos and information regarding what we have learnt in our exciting, new topics. Keep checking back for updates!



Having researched famous volcanoes such as Vesuvius and Mount Etna and learnt about the different parts of the volcano, we created our own erupting volcanoes. We used baking soda, vinegar and orange food colouring to make the erupting lava. 

Chocolate Rocks


We created sedimentary rock by layering dark, milk and white chocolate and pushing them down, representing the layers of mud, rock and soil.

We created igneous rock by heating chocolate, pressing it into a shape and allowing it to cool.


Dinosaurs in the Wild

Year 3 traveled back in time 67 million years to the late Cretaceous Period, where we toured Time Base 67, saw dinosaur body parts (including poo!) up close and encountered a fearsome T-Rex! What a great end to our 'Rocks' topic in Science!

Early Briton Shelters

Year 3 traveled back in time yet again, this time to the Iron Age, building small-scale shelters with varying levels of success. We used to artstraws, leaves, string, straw and a paint/sand mixture to replicate the materials that the Early Britons would have had at their disposal. Check out the pictures below!



Stone Age Art

Stone Age art usually told a story, often of family life or hunting, using only naturally made colours. Check out our art below...


Stone Age Workshop

Today, Olwyn paid us a visit from the Iron Age to provide a Stone Age workshop to Year 3. She was incredibly impressed with our behaviour, listening skills and subject knowledge!