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Visions and Values

A message from the Chair of Governors and Head teacher

One of the three key tasks for a governing body includes setting the school’s vision. We therefore need to make sure the school has a clear vision which is communicated in a written statement.

We have recently reviewed the school’s vision and aims and the process we followed included:

  • Discussing the attributes and values we hoped children would have when they left Gilded Hollins, at a governing body meeting

  • Asking teachers to pick attributes and values they felt it was important for children to have

  • Asking parents to pick attributes and values they felt it was important for children to have

  • Drawing up a draft of the vision and aims using the attributes and values receiving most votes from staff and parents combined, and discussing and amending this at another governing body meeting

  • The Chair and Head discussing the amended version

  • The Chair meeting with school council and talking them through the last part of the vision.

The final vision and aims can be found below. However, it is envisioned that each class will eventually draw up their own version of the RESPECT acrostic with their class teacher and that school awards will be tied into the new vision. Although some of the attributes are quite hard words it is hoped that children will quickly learn their meanings.


Our vision and aims

Our vision is to be a nurturing community where we aspire to be the best we can at all we do and be kind to each other.

We believe in respecting everybody.

Our aims are that:

  • our curriculum will be broad and balanced, and encourage pupils to not only learn and understand that learning is for life, but also be curious, creative and resilient

  • our community will provide a safe learning environment where respect and caring attitudes flourish and supportive relationships help children to be confident, happy and honest

  • our pupils will have a positive self-esteem and pride and belief in themselves, each other and the school

    We want our children to be:

  • Resilient

  • Educated

  • Self-believing

  • Positive

  • Empowered

  • Confident

  • Thoughtful