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Football League 2017
Date Opponents Played at Match Report by Captain, Ethan B                    
21.9.17 St Catherine's Lowton High With only five minutes to go, we were 3-2 up. To our despair, St Catherine's were awarded a last minute free kick! Despite our greatest efforts, the ball dipped over our defensive wall and bounced into the net. Unfortunately, this resulted in a 3-3 draw. I awarded the spirit of the games to Matthew C,Y5, for determination.
28.9.17 Lowton West Lowton High With only ten minutes to go, it was 0-0. To our despair, one of Lowton West's players  ran straight through our defence and shot with all his strength, hitting the back of the net. After this, we kept our heads up and then we were so close to scoring two goals. Unfortunately, this game resulted as 1-0 to Lowton West. I awarded spirit of the games to Harvey, Y6, for determination.
5.10.17 Lowton J and I Lowton High This week we stepped on to the pitch with a strong sense of teamwork. We have learnt from our previous matches to play the game by capitalising on our stengths. With this in mind, it wasn't long before one of our strikers, Bailey, fired the ball to the back the net.This was proceeded by another two goals from myself and Jack, resulting in a 3-0 win and our first points on the table. I awarded spirit of the games to Jack, for teamwork.
12.10.17 St Luke's Lowton High This week, we stepped onto the pitch knowing that this team were very good.  St Luke's had first kick off and scored two in the first half.The first goal they scored was a cross and the second goal was a 1 on 1 with the keeper.  In the second half we got kick off yet they still scored another two goals. Suddenly, Jack through balled the ball to me and I shot, hit the fence and scored in the bottom left.  This game resulted as a 4-1 loss.  I awarded spirit of the game to Louis W, Y5, for determination for his outstanding work in defence.
2.11.17 St Thomas' Golborne High  
9.11.17 St Mary's Lowton High  
23.11.17 All Saints Golborne High  
30.11.17 Golborne  Lowton High  
14.11.17 Christ Church Lowton High  


Rugby League 2017-18




Opponents Played At

Match report by captain, Harvey H

13.10.17 St Joseph's St Joseph's

So the first match of the season was against the experienced St Joseph's.  With half of our team making their debut appearance, we knew it would be tough.  We spent most of the first half defending our line and consequently we were 4-0 down at half time.  Nevertheless we pulled up our socks and had a team chat and came back fighting.  When we got close to their try line, Charlie waited for the last tackle before kicking a perfectly positioned ball to Billy, who caught it and went in for the try. The second try was on the third tackle when Charlie scooted and scored.  Though we were playing much better, unfortunately St Joseph's went on to score two more tries resulting in a 6-2 loss.


2.3.18 Sacred Heart Gilded Hollins




9.3.18 Newton West Park N. W. P




16.3.18 XII Apostles XII Apostles




23.3.18 Leigh C.E Gilded Hollins




13.4.18 Bedford Hall Methodist Gilded Hollins